‘The reborn’ with DiCaprio blockbuster debuts in theaters


  • The Gonzalez Inarritu film debut in Spain with 3.6 million euros.
  • ‘Creed’ fell to second place with 600,000 euros entered the weekend
  • Also new was ‘Carol’, which debuted in seventh place

 The reborn

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Blunt No. 1 last weekend, href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” the reborn href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” > starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has raised 3.6 million euros in its debut in Spanish cinemas, according to provisional data href=”https://twitter.com/rentrakspain” Rentrak Spain.

excellent collection despite its two half hours and hours, but in its favor it has played the film with the most nominations in this year’s Academy Awards, with 12. the United States has also been a bombing at the box office. So far brings admitted there 149.7 million dollars -more than 133 million euros and worldwide exceeded, moment, 326.

with the advent of the reborn in our cinemas, the rest of premieres have been relegated to the commercial level. Thus, the champion at the box office last weekend, Believe href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Sylvester Stallone recovering its iconic character Rocky, it was the second highest grossing 600,000 euros. In week and a half reaches 2.5 million.

In the third place, and very close to Believe , the horror comedy remained Nightmare ; a week and a half has acquired 2 million. Fourth was the animation Alvin and the Chipmunks: Feast on wheels with a similar collection, around 600,000 euros and in 2 and a half weeks reaches 3 5 million. Virtually the same as obtained the reborn in three days in theaters.

in fifth place we find the Spanish production Palmeras in the snow 400,000 euros; successful which reaches 15.7 million in 5 weeks and a half display. The following, in sixth place, href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” The Danish Girl , keeping well at the box office with an accumulated over 4 million in 3 and a half weeks.

the list of the highest grossing is completed with another debut, the href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Carol , with Oscar nominations for its two leading ladies, Cate Blanchett href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” and Rooney Mara, ranking seventh with also about 400,000 euros. Spotlight , another favorite at the Oscars, 1.2 million in ten days. Ninth place for sci-fi the fifth wave exceeding 2.5 million Amount s; and closing the table, in tenth place, the Spanish Pregnant about to reach one million euros in ten days.


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