The sets where recorded some of the most famous TV series

in these sets they were filmed some of the most outstanding television series. How many of them know?

For many fans of the series href=”” television, they become an important part of everyday life, whether that is expected to forward to the premiere of a new chapter as when long marathons are made to go a full season. So, what we see on the screen, ie, characters, places and, of course, history, become familiar.

That is why the following pictures of the sets where they filmed some of the most prominent and beloved television series worth much. Many really need no introduction, as some were with us for almost 10 years; in other cases we yearn more events in those familiar places.


We started with a great series that aired from 2008 to 2013. His five seasons surprised us with their sci-fi jump in dimensions and mysteries. Pictured in the laboratory of the peculiar Walter Bishop. Ah, how many things happened there.

Jim Halterman


in this series for shots outside the fictional University Hospital Princeton-Plainsboro New Jersey, where he works Gregory House, the Frist Campus Center was used at the University of Princeton. In the picture we see Hugh Laurie in the familiar desktop diagnostic department head most famous TV.

Malcolm in the Middle

This Fox series that aired from 2000 to 2006 has 151 episodes. Most of them are located right in the crazy house of this family. The exact city where lives are supposed Malcolm is unclear, several chapters are given keys but contradict among themselves. The truth is that the building was used for the exterior view of the family of Malcolm located at 12334 Cantura Street, Studio City, Los Angeles, United States. Currently there is no longer faith since demolished.

How I Met Your Mother

This long-running series has several sets where the story of how Ted met the mother of his children develops. One is, of course, the MacLaren’s bar where met for 9 seasons the protagonists of this comedy. Another is the department where all the characters lived (less Barney).


And if people of the great New York is nothing less than this comedy starring Jerry Seinfeld. Remember the famous department met these four characters in this series that “there is nothing”.


could not talk about friends, meeting, meeting places and New York without remembering friends. In this picture we can see the famous Central Perk couch where he started and finished the series. Great nostalgic feel to see that place because to date has more than 20 years since the first episode aired.

Big Bang Theory

Another group of friends who meet in a room known since 2007 is that of these scientists working in the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). It is curious that the stairs of the building departments and the broken elevator are an important part of the events in the series.

iT Crowd

If nerdy is these working in Reynholm Industries , a fictitious company located in London. Series that is very difficult to choose the best chapter of the many great you have in your, just, 4 seasons. His office located in the basement of the building is an attraction in itself.


The famous address 221B Baker Street in London is a symbol of genius that not a few have played. Here we can see the set of the BBC series, which, as we recall, is at the present time.


Mad Men

The sets of Mad Men have a tremendous quality, as all production itself. Located in the years they 50-60s make it even more complex but also interesting. This href=”” series with an ending that reached perfection had several offices where it was the best advertisement of the time; of course not forget that belonged to Don Draper.

The Good Wife

This great series, with less fame than it deserves ( in my opinion ), has 7 seasons. In it we see the story of the more than wife, Alicia Florrick. In the photo we see the boardroom of the law firm where his career grows like more than anything by his intuition foam. No doubt href=”” one of the best series that perhaps are not seeing .

The Walking Dead

If we talk about big series this that does not stop surprise us with every season. The sets of the same change over time and therefore it is not possible to stay long in one place as we have seen. In the picture we can see the good Rick in the wonderful first chapter of this series.

Breaking Bad

last but not least, one of the sets icons one of the best series in television history: Breaking Bad , the RV where Walter operations begin, just great.


The sets where recorded some of the most famous TV series
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