The Tops of applications do not always show the best of Google Play

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Google Play includes all content developers App shaped up, including games, applications, utilities or any other idea that has taken place on the head and have succeeded in programming. Play growing at a tremendous rate , hundreds of new applications are added daily to the categories and is almost impossible to realize what they are really good.

This is one of the reasons for the existence of the Google rankings Play , to discover what applications are popular. We Top Sales and Top Free in each category, but also generally foma that encompasses all Apps. As if this were not enough, New Top Sales and Top New Free give the user an idea of ​​what Apps are all the rage.

Many people fixed daily in recent , the list of Top Free New is accessed by millions of people, beginner in Android and what can only look down to take advantage of its new terminal. The problem is that quality applications is there, it is not always the best.

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Variety of Top Free in Google Play

Being new applications, this Top Free New vary with often , but if we look, we see that many are repetitive, have illegal content or, although free, require in-app micropayments .

For example, according to searches of “Canal Plus free”, “free Football”, “GolTV” and the like, we are well positioned many Apps that advertise these channels broadcast . Interestingly all claim to be the best without advertising, but at the moment of truth, the comments are flooded with helpful great, or disastrous, saying they do not work and are full of advertising.

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Then there are clones Flappy Bird , same performance, same controls, same everything, changing the name and some element to harness the enormous pull of this concept. This is not bad, it is more certain that the developers of these copies are quite happy with its advertising revenue thanks to million downloads that accumulate.


entry where I talk about the malware on some of these applications that pose as other , and in the background, to grant permissions without being attentive, made use of SMS to subscribe to premium services. And others that are fakes with very similar names for downloads, which unfortunately at Google itself eludes recommending Apps, as you can see below.

 vsc cam fake

So, as I always say, very careful bringing No download. because it is in the popular Top mean it’s good, so you always have to look at the comments, the reputation of the developer is seeing what other Apps, searching the net if descriptions of the same, and carefully check the descriptions and permissions required.

Finally, an app that is free does not mean you do not have order in, at least you have indicators both the web version of Google App Play as as we have seen in the last update.

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The Tops of applications do not always show the best of Google Play
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April 23, 2014

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