The tyranny of Qualcomm, the chip maker that dominates everything

 Qualcomm Chips

smartphones When a manufacturer introduces a new model we look first to its design and features. The processor, RAM, camera and screen who have assembled are some of the things we look at. And once analyzed applaud or complain as you have left in the end device.

But that’s part of a bigger process that we often lose sight of and in which you look much less, the logistics system encompasses all individuals and negotiations that revolve around making phone. Decisions that depend on contacts and relationships that often can take a company to put a component instead, is that you can not always choose what you want.

Qualcomm is one of the biggest giants of manufacturing electronic components for telecommunications , and has recently been in the spotlight in many situations, to a lesser or greater extent, unnoticed been more than they should. And since the shadows Qualcomm dominates much of what we think about, and a smartphone can change dramatically depending on the decisions you make about yourself Qualcomm.

My best chip just to whom I say

When it comes to smartphones, Qualcomm is dedicated to one thing virtually alone, manufacture chipsets . These chipsets are the heart of the smartphone, a chip which integrates the most important phone circuitry and which houses the CPU and GPU. We have spoken many times on this issue, but we can summarize that the CPU is the processor that handles any phone tasks and GPU which are processed by the graphics. Come on, that’s vitally important, and is one of the points that manufacturers have based the development of their devices.

Recently there has been a case that exemplifies this tyranny on which talk about Qualcomm but first we put in background. The Taiwanese company HTC is now in the market One as flagship. One recently introduced the HTC Mini to approach more to the midrange and to lower the price. The HTC One has the then best Qualcomm chipset a Snapdragon 600, while the Mini One Snapdragon got the 400, just to find that reduction of price cutting in features.


is expected HTC present this October HTC One Max, with a screen of 5.9 “seek position in the range of large screen smartphones. Currently the best chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, and all the major manufacturers that are bringing a new high-end device do this Snapdragon 800 … less HTC with the One Max. And it Qualcomm has decided that they no longer have sufficient off and fame nor will they sell enough units of this terminal to let them use their best chipset, so you will have to settle with Snapdragon S4 Pro, which despite being a major chipset is not the best in the house.

And I do not go into how much better is a 800 than a S4 Pro, we entered a war that goes beyond the image to the public and firms in which they have negotiated and made decisions. Many will think that having a S4 Pro is great, but what is great is that you do the ugly Qualcomm not to let you use a word processor, but you can buy it. That this decision does not depend on HTC and remains with the electronics giant is a problem for the manufacturer of smartphones, and its image is so bad when they get back. Qualcomm believes that HTC is not powerful enough, so we are left with Snapdragon 800 .

It seems that the decision of who to give the Snapdragon 800 are much more important than we might think at first, and if you get it is that you trust.

Qualcomm’s monopoly

Why so much power on your part? Very simple, for the incredible monopoly are getting in the sale of chipsets for smartphones and tablets. A couple of years ago had a battle against Nvidia , but I have eaten on the way, and now have had to resort to be their own tablets manufacturers for output to the processor Tegra 4, making for others to distribute it. It’s a shame what is happening with Nvidia, but is lagging far behind and seemingly has it complicated.


Another thing is to Intel , that was left behind before Nvidia and lives a very similar situation. The giant PC processors has been difficult to get into the mobile world, and although it has the quality and capacity has not achieved success, being in the shadow of these other two manufacturers.

Who else is in the picture? There are a few more, but Mediatek is one of the most is playing. Shift towards the middle range, but they have a great power and many possibilities. But there are still far from a player as great as Qualcomm. Other whom we must mention is Samsung, but its Exynos often left to own home , and even if the manufacturer sells more Android, not mounted on all smartphones Exynos, the alternative being Qualcomm.

to put the batteries

But as much

monopoly Qualcomm has still much to do , they have all the way round. And the first thing they should do is not complacent, given the direction that they are taking their actions may be starting to happen.

What exactly do we mean by this? Riding a chipset can be simply added together and cores, but you can do more and better work. A clear example of this is the chip X8 Motorola Moto Moto X that gets a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro and GPU power with 4 cores and two extra cores for faster performance and especially reduce the battery consumption, a key in the evolution of smartphone technology.


The idea is that Motorola is not a question only of taking cores and plant them as is in the phone, but it is can go further , greatly improving what is, and in this case what makes Qualcomm improving. And this should bear this in mind the past, as it should be they who put an extra and start doing more than just adding cores.

up Jean-Baptiste Queru

A few weeks ago we told you about that Jean-Baptiste Queru left the AOSP team . AOSP is something like Android without Google , and was Queru maintainer, manager of piece together the project from going ahead. In the bowels of Android this was very bad news, and Qualcomm was behind all this:

So what is the problem and why Jean-Baptiste Queru leaves office? A couple of weeks ago, Google presented the new Nexus 7 device referred to in the aforesaid declarations as flagship. The Nexus 7 has a new Qualcomm chip , and for the project to compile AOSP ROMs for this new Nexus 7 need Qualcomm drivers provide them . Without these it is not possible, and are not willing to give them, at least for now. Queru That refers to “lack of support from the GPU”.

The reason is simple, is that being a new chip, Qualcomm not want to know all your secrets , which is what would happen if the release. The point is that this has happened before with other Nexus, and Jean-Baptiste Queru not willing to hold that it is precisely those devices that come directly from the hand of Google’s to close these doors, and less when it is because the chip manufacturer riding is putting limitations, according Queru their lawyers.

Qualcomm is logical that wanted to protect their secrets and provide the drivers of its new chip, but the case’s flagship the tablets of the company that has an operating system that boasts of its freedom seems a case would have to make an exception. The only fault is perhaps Qualcomm of Google by choosing them in this case, or Asus, which is the manufacturer of the product.

You see there is much more than it appears behind a manufacturer of chips , oddly enough. Many decisions and a lot of logistics that need to know how to manage for someone who seems to be playing the same game you can leave out. We’ll see if over time continue to maintain their power or manufacturers just getting tired of their ways of doing things.

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The tyranny of Qualcomm, the chip maker that dominates everything
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September 22, 2013

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