“The zombies are a good vehicle for social commentary,” Kim Dickens interview

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For many years, it is likely that you have seen Kim Dickens in many series and movies but You never well end of identification. Actress Huntsville (Alabama) had a small arc in the third season of ‘Lost’, began to make it known through ‘Deadwood‘ and after it has passed through ‘ Friday Night Lights’,’ Sons of Anarchy ‘,’ Treme‘ or ‘ House of cards ‘. In cinema, his most important role so far is the detective investigating the disappearance of Amy Dunne ‘ Lost ‘, but it was her role in’ Fear The Walking Dead ‘which made it much more popular.

spin off The Walking Dead ‘, AMC issued in Spain, is the excuse for which Dickens visited the Festival Series in Madrid and where he met with fans, after the screening of the first episode of the series. Before that meeting, however, Tele Go! and other media had the opportunity to chat with Kim Dickens on his participation in ‘ Fear The Walking Dead ‘, the evolution of his character throughout the first season and even on some of his past work.

The pilot of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ record-breaking ratings in AMC, and his first season has been the most watched in the history of cable. Did you expect this success?

I did not expect and did not know what to expect, really. He knew that ‘The Walking Dead’ had gained a great fan base which was very impressive, and knew his eyes would be upon us, but did not know it would be such a large number. I think everything is because ‘The Walking Dead’ and now our job is to keep those numbers. I am proud of what we did in the first season.


Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ expected probably a more violent, more aggressive, and has been set at the end something different. Do you think he has disappointed some fans for that, or was what they expected?

I think what had to happen it is that some fans would love some things and dislike others, and the idea is to keep them interested and tell a story with truth. Many people realized that we had not so many zombies, or walkers or infected right away, but I think we reached a natural and realistic pace, considering that the epidemic had just begun.

” It made more sense for me to face the series without having seen ‘The Walking Dead’ ‘

In an interview you said that the producers of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ recommended you do not see ‘The Walking Dead’ before the series start. How was it playing your character without knowing anything about the world?

I think that was what made more sense for me, I deal with it that way, because my character does not know what it was that universe, and I wanted to interpret it as a real person, with whom you could identify with his feet on the ground. That helped me.

The Role of Women


In ‘Fear the Walking Dead ‘gives the impression that women are the first to adapt to this new world, they realize that they have to act. Did you also had that feeling?

I do not know if this is how a general rule, but it makes sense, right? Why they would not have to be the ones most suited? My character is a mother and moves by that primal instinct. It’s what I enjoy it; for many very problems they had with their children, there is no doubt that primal instinct helped him make these decisions.

How do you see the growing importance of women in the series Americans?

I think it was time. There are so many great series now, and sites that have large series, people have realized that they can finally write about women. I think it was time, and it was time that minorities are equally represented. There is still much to do, of course, but I’m proud to be part of it.

“I think it would be fun to be crossed ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Walking Dead'”

Madison has to take strong enough emotionally decisions in the series, which led him to kill or harm other people, or that scene with the neighbor, holding a hammer in his hand. As an actor, do you got those thrills too?

I am able to separate and maintain a healthy distance from my work. In fact, the scenes with the director, in high school, the scene of fighting and death, was very specific and very choreographed and very exciting interpretation. And then the scene with the neighbor and the hammer was more thoughtful and emotional, had to identify and think what you would do. The stage director was life or death for me, and the neighbor was much more impressive to think what would you. Would you do to stop suffering, not knowing all the information? Because it is someone you want. It makes you stop and think. In the scene with my son, when I lose control and hit my son, but everyone thought I deserved it, I decided I had to be a true moment. And it was true, but it got me thinking. It is emotional material.

It seems that, at some point, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ will cross. Do you think that will happen? Would you like Madison group crossed with Rick?

As far as I know, there are no plans to do that crossover , that It’s what we’ve been told. But I think it would be a fun idea, because I have so much faith in the writers and the showrunners I think they would do such a clever way that surprised everyone. I am surprised me as I’m always impressed me with their scripts. I think it would be something fun to do.

 Ftwd Shooting Dave Erickson, showrunner of ‘Fear the Walking Dead ‘, and Kim Dickens during a break from filming the series.

The television genre has become very popular in recent years, there are quite a series of terror and zombies. As a spectator, is there any genre you’re tired? You thought you’d get to be in a range of zombies?

No, I do not think he’s tired of none. I do not think that I, personally, none is saturated. I understand that this is fashion, vampires were important during a season. It is a great vehicle for storytelling. I could never imagine I would be in a series of zombies. I do not know why it never occurred to me, it’s the most fun I’ve ever done. It’s not the most fun I’ve ever done, but it’s still very exciting. It is still very fun. It is as if you were at home and I am very happy.

It is true that the role of women is increasingly important in the industry but at the same time, actresses como Jennifer Lawrence have criticized the wage gap between men and women in Hollywood. Do you feel or have you identified affected by this problem?

Well, clearly I am aware of the issue. I do not think he knows too much about the topic to talk about it and report it, but I know there is a disparity since I’m in this business. I think he’s starting to change. Not only in Hollywood, in any occupation should have fair wages, equal wages for equal work.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and the social mirror


The films of George A. Romero’s zombies used as social commentary, and ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, the acting Army remembered a little to the He held in New Orleans after Katrina. Do you think that there is also potential for social commentary in the series zombies?

I think it’s inevitable. I think, more than a commentary, it is a reflection of society and of things and challenges that we face. A mirror to issues such as police brutality protests we have had in some circumstances he got. I think this genre is a good vehicle for social commentary. Failing us have anxieties of government, fear of invasion, fear of epidemics, and all these things can be represented in the zombie as a monster, like fear, anxiety, and can represent how we cling to our humanity in this environment.

In ‘The Walking Dead’ is how the appearance of the characters is deteriorating with each passing episode. Are you getting ready in this respect in some way to the second season, or are you following some weapons training for those chapters?

That would reveal a secret, right? (Laughs). I have not had to take any lessons yet. I’m sure that our appearance will be limited more as the season progresses and deepens the apocalypse, but for now I am still an ordinary person in the apocalypse, and I’m ill-prepared for it. If I had said that I’m training with an AK-47 would have been terrible, right?

“I have not yet read the following script, so I have no idea what happens in the second season”

How was the process to be part of the show? Was something simpler than usual or went through the normal process of auditions? And I have discussed the possibility of a third season?

I was offered the chance to audition, and I showed her. I went through that process. At first, my response was that it was not appropriate for that gender should not go to the audition because I’m busy working here, but I went to the test. And they called me, I did a screen test with Cliff Curtis, and then I got lucky. That is the process you go through all these hearings and some, hopefully, work. And I have not heard anything about a third season, do you? Because I like to know.

At the end of the first season of ‘The Walking Dead Fear’, the characters seem to know better what is happening. How do you think they will evolve in the second? Does that end up entering the sea was a hint of some kind?

Well, I have not yet read the following script, so I have no idea. I really do not know. I do not yet fully understand what is happening, but I have realized that now have to fight for his life and have to flee. I do not know if a track (the final shot). What seems.

From ‘Deadwood’ to ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Been a Several chapters of ‘Lost’, in an arc in which you were paired with Sawyer so it is inevitable to ask what you think of the end of “Lost”. Do you think that of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, even if there is was getting to him, may also disappoint the fans?

I do not know. I suppose, but I do not know. I do not remember how it ended ‘Lost’, but I remember that I liked, even the staunchest fans protested. I would like all the other final were invented, it is easy to criticize. I do not know, I guess you can do (to disappoint the fans). To me I liked the end of ‘The Sopranos’, that was great. I loved the end of ‘Mad Men’ . While I thought of ‘Lost’, but I know some people were unhappy with it. I do not know, I’m not going to worry about it yet.


in your career has participated in many series TV, some more important than others, and often in supporting roles. Now, you have a major role but, with which all those projects you choose?

Now I am very happy, I’m having a great time with this character and the series is to challenge for me to I want to come back every day. I am very grateful to be at this time. Perhaps the rest of papers has formed me and now it’s time for a role of this kind, of this kind of responsibility in a series. I am very interested in it. On the other characters, I feel a great affection for ‘Deadwood’ and Joanie Stubbs, my character. Also for ‘Treme’ and Janette Desautel, because I’m very proud of that, and tell the story of New Orleans during that period, I think we did a good job of telling that story. Because I know that the people of New Orleans were not happy because we were there at the beginning. They do not like anyone try to tell their story because it is very difficult to capture the magic of New Orleans. But we really welcomed our portrait (of them). It was funny, because many people do not know the intricacies of how all that. That was important to me.

Apart from Madison, do you have another favorite character in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

I love Nick, that character It is so complicated, and I love the interpretation of Frank (Dillane), but my secret favorite, which tends to be overlooked, is my daughter Alicia, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, because compared to the relationship with the child, which is very developed and explored it with the daughter is much smaller, but very specific. She is a girl with her head well furnished and keeps your responsible mother. It’s a pain in the ass, but keeps her responsible mother, and I love that so many small moments. The crook when I see again (chapters) in projections, or whatever, and there is something that is very important in that relationship.


‘The Walking Dead’ and other series are very popular genre that devastate hearings, but not then they are not recognized by the awards. Why do you think that this kind of series is not rewarded?

I do not know, it has historically been the case, although there are moments. Even with ‘Lost’ we were like, “this genre do not get nominations,” but how great was Rosamund Pike did it himself, and was for a fucking sociopath and female character, and it was as good! At last. And got a pretty Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe. I think ‘The Walking Dead’ got some nominations for the screenplays. Time will tell. Everything evolves and changes, and as the genre was thought to series B for so long … Now, the scripts are very good, and the execution of the stories, and the appetite for these stories is there, and the audience is there.

The second season of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will premiere on AMC Spain next year.

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“The zombies are a good vehicle for social commentary,” Kim Dickens interview
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November 15, 2015

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