These are the games most sold in 2019 on Amazon

The beginning of a new year is a good time to take stock. What is it that you look for the public in each sector? In the case that occupies to us, the game, we can get an idea of what are the best sellers of Spain, thanks to the list that has been published on is on the best-selling games during 2019 on your platform.And the results do not surprise: of new the sport king wins the game and is crowned as a favorite, being the classic FIFA 20 standard Edition for PS4 the video game more sold of the year in Amazon.But if it is a game PlaySatation 4 the one that takes the gold in sales, the winner by the number of products in the top 10 is Nintendo, with eight games to Nintendo Switch in the list. Since he burst on the market, this console has become a success and a new benchmark in the sector of the gaming.These are video games sold on Amazon in 2019:in Addition to these best-sellers, the games store Amazon Spain offers more than 12,500 different items.
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These are the games most sold in 2019 on Amazon
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January 12, 2020

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