This puts you in Spanish startup form from your smartphone, and at home

This puts you in Spanish startup form from your smartphone, and at home

Pablo Villalba, founder of the fitness app Teambox 8Fit and talks about his experience as an entrepreneur.

Yes when you ask the founder of a successful startup what their position in the company, and I answered that it has no position because everyone in his great little project are the same thing started quite well. This is what it says Pablo Villalba , creator of the sports application 8Fit .

Her story begins with her studies in aerospace engineering in Barcelona, ​​where we said that “I always wanted to create a game for use with your group of friends” . Once the race finished it plunges into the creation of a software tool for managing and sharing tasks in large workgroup, quite far from what was a game; with this idea born Teambox , which is now Redbooth , which became his first successful startup, although He began here in Spain soon came to the United States. Start a project and see it grow is very nice, but after five years, Paul returns to to want to do something new

“In recent months that I was in the company made me want to go back to do small things, something new and back in direct contact with the product and the customer. “

” In the end you know your customer and it makes you feel better “ ends up leaving the company, but maintaining a relationship with her and decides to take a long vacation, paradoxes of life, not last over a week. He never had a special relationship with fitness , but started to exercise, and people began to ask how he did it to be in such good shape. And if people ask is because it is interested, and if interest is perhaps no business . And with this simple sequence of events 8Fit born, the second startup Paul Villaba dedicated to exercise and fitness.

Aimed at those who want to combine their work and social life with exercise, but without having to spend much time and can do it from home, which proposes 8Fit is a custom training plan and diet , a key point, the motivation, which is in the end what keeps us in constant World sacrificed exercise.

But it is not only motivation for users, also for the team behind the application. For Paul the important thing, and one of the reasons that created the application is the interaction with the user

“People tell us their experiences, and we feel good about their accomplishments. With Teambox what was needed to strengthen the sales team, and here we have that, we connect directly to social networks with users. “

Right now, the team 8Fit is operating from Berlin , but they said, “is not for nothing in particular is a little change.” The team would like Germany, where it all went, alternating months of work in Southeast Asia, for example. However, its biggest audience is in the United States. The goal is to become a global brand fitness reference, replace traditional gyms and continue to grow abroad.

However, as always happens in traditional gyms, there are constant users remain active smoothly, or, as Paul says, “are a bit more vague, enter, they use a while, stop using it, then again, are distracted by anything, and so continuously.” But that is something against which neither 8Fit can fight as will keep running our own.


This puts you in Spanish startup form from your smartphone, and at home
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July 13, 2015

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