Tips for making the best photo of your holiday (with slr camera, compact and mobile)



we Photographed constantly and in vacation even more: the fashion of capturing every moment of our lives and then dump it on the social networks is intensified during the summer. If we follow a few simple guidelines, we can get you the photos of our trips to be very nice and a bit more original, without having to be shooting non-stop.

Nor is it necessary to invest in a device that’s very expensive. “90% of the success of a photography is concerned with factors such as the light, the colors, the shapes and the message or idea that we want to convey, ” says Mario Perez, creator of the Blog of the Photographer-. Aspects that have nothing to do with the camera.”

The horizon line straight. Experienced photographers often play with lines twisted and perspectives strange, but if you are learning it is best to capture a horizon straight, either lakes, roads, highways… “An inclination of 5º in a picture of mar is a sin,” says Victor Gomez, founder of travel blog Machbel.

The key is in the light. During the central hours of the day, the light tends to be very direct and not pretty, especially in summer. At dawn or dusk, we will make contours softer, aesthetic, and enhanced.

beyond the momumento. At the time of capture prints, architectural and monumental, we can customize our photographs with a message, an emotion or just a thought. “Try to think of an idea that we want to transmit with that monument. Who watch, who see more than just the monument,” explains Mario Perez.

A bird in the band… One of the big problems of the photographs vacation is the mass of tourists that make it impossible for prints to be solitary and quiet. To avoid this, we can choose a pair of days of our holiday to get up early and go to those places that we want to photograph in the privacy.

color Palette. If we think for a few minutes before shooting, we will see how you can get to improve a photograph. It is important to look at the colors and we can play with tones striking, as if they were brush strokes of a painting. Víctor Gómez highlights the power of red for his great power of attraction.

Rule of thirds. Very useful to make our first compositions. We divide mentally the frame into six rectangles and the intersections of the stripes will be the point-of-care. You can find a lot of information about this technique in blogs and tutorials.

An original touch. For our catches are distinguishable from typical photographs of holiday, one option is to vary the position. “From an angle rare. It is usually very helpful to get down on the floor directly and take photos at the view of ant,” says Mario Perez.

The mobile is not a problem. With the smartphone mid-range and high we can get good pictures. To improve the result, there are multitudes of apps, in addition to assistive devices, which attach to the device, such as tripods and lenses conversion.

With a digital slr, manual mode. If we have invested in an slr camera, use to the extent possible the manual mode. Otherwise, we will not be taking advantage of our purchase. Before a trip, it is important to fiddle with the device, play with the settings and study the basic techniques. There are a large number of manuals, on paper and online.

suitable Target. If we have the possibility of exchanging goals, it is best to use the wide angle for landscapes and the zoom lens to objects and people in positions distant. In addition, if you shoot from the distance, we will spend more unnoticed and we will be able to capture the expressions and natural gestures of passers-by.

touch-up, yes or no? image editing -whether in advanced programs such as Adobe Photoshop or by using the applications of the mobile can be very useful. The important thing is not delegate all the work in the touch up later, but trying to capture the best image in the moment of decision. And, then, tweak the minimum. Don’t forget to make a backup copy of the original.


Tips for making the best photo of your holiday (with slr camera, compact and mobile)
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July 31, 2017

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