Tired of having a WiFi signal is too loose? This ‘wall-smart’, the can increase up to 10 times

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT, for its acronym in English – have invented a ‘wall-smart’, that would allow improve nearly 10 times the average power of the wireless signals nearby such as the WiFi.

According to the scientists, this invention could improve the signal strength of the smartphones in a 1,000 per cent, without the need for additional antennas.

The research, conducted by phd student of the MIT Venkat Arun and professor Hari Balkrishnan, ensures that with this solution, it solves the problem of the indoor environment where the signals can be blocked by normal walls.

Up to now, “the general trend has been to add antennas to the transmitter -namely, WiFi access points and cell towers- or the receiver -such as a phone or laptop-”, say from MIT, and added: “instead of focusing On the transmitters and receivers, what if we could amplify the signal by adding antennas to a surface in the external environment the same?”.

The panels RFocus, thin as paper, are encrusted with more than 3,000 small antennae that act as lenses to focus the signals at specific devices, such as a phone or a laptop.

also, The system is “very profitable, each antenna costs only a few cents”, the researchers write. “The antennas are cheap because they do not process the signal at all, just control how it is reflected”, they explain.

The lead author, Venkat Arun, says that the project represents what is, according to the team’s knowledge, “the greater number of antennas ever used for a single communication link”.

although the system could serve as another form of range extender WiFi, the researchers indicate that your use of “most valuable” might be in homes with many connected devices of low power as the product of the Internet of Things (IoT) or warehouses and factories with tens of sensors and devices connected to the same network.

Extend the signal in that type of environment, especially in the industrial, it would be “prohibitively expensive,” economic and energetically speaking, it recognizes the professor Balakrishnan, but it could be possible “with a system of interconnected low power that uses an approach like RFocus”.

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Tired of having a WiFi signal is too loose? This ‘wall-smart’, the can increase up to 10 times
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