“Today at the Apple”: new sessions to 2019

The Apple Stores around the world will have more than 50 new sessions Today at Apple in 2019. These new sessions, which is added to the page Today at Apple, they are divided in different categories.

Skills: sessions are for people interested in learning new creative techniques to take advantage of their products, with sessions on how to make short videos with the app Clips or edit photos with iPhone. The new sessions include Notes and Cores with GarageBand, quote from Ideas in Notes, Photo Editing Tecniques, and more.

Walks: it invites customers to leave the premises with a Creative Pro to know the surroundings, connect with the community and to use new skills in photography, music, or health. New Walks include Capturing Cinematic Shots, Creating Soundscapes with Garage Band and a Health and Fitness Walk.

Labs: allows customers to experiment with creative techniques and end the session with the start of a project. Some Labs have been created in collaboration with renowned artists. The new Labs include the Beat Making with Swizz Beatz, Small Screen Magic with Zach King and Darwin Treehouses with Foster + Partners.

The program Today at Apple was launched in the local Apple Union Square in San Francisco in may of 2016, and expanded to locations around the world the following year. The program is free and offers a curriculum that is very varied. Today at Apple also incorporates lessons Everyone Can Code and Everyone Cancreate and tools of Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, and Swift Playgrounds.

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“Today at the Apple”: new sessions to 2019
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