Todd Phillips declared that he did ‘Joker’ because the comedy has become impossible

Todd Phillips states that he did 'Joker' because the comedy has become impossible

Jokeris already one of the movies of the year, before the premiere. Its amazing step by the Venice film Festival, where he the Golden Lion, confirmed that the film starring Joaquin Phoenix I would give much that to speak, confirmed by the great compliments of the most critical and the controversy about your alleged message of incitement to violence. And this only has just begun…

The Joker and the limits of humor

One of the more striking of ‘Joker’ is that it has been written and directed by Todd Phillips, which up until now had only done comedies; theirs are ‘Road Trip‘, ‘Salidos de cuentas‘ (‘Due Date’) or the trilogy of ‘The hangover‘ (‘The Hangover’). Already in his penultimate film, ‘Game of arms‘ (‘War Dogs’), gave a turn to a film with more “serious”, however, in ‘Joker’ delivers a raw and murky drama is very different from his previous works.

beyond his interest in the character or by doing something different in the adaptations of comic books, Phillips has left a striking response when he has had to explain this detour in his career: you can’t do comedies. So explains:

“you Try to be fun today with this culture of consciousness [“woke ” culture”]. Came out articles on why the comedians already do not work more; I’ll tell you why, because all the guys fucking are fun are in plan: ‘fuck it, I don’t want to ofenderos’. It is hard to argue with 30 million people on Twitter. You just can’t do it, right?

Phillips and the Phoenix in Venice

So you think: ‘I’m out’. I’m out and, you know what? All my comedies, and I think that in general they have all the comedies in general is that they are irreverent. So I think: ‘How can I do something irreverent, but fuck the comedy? Oh, I know, let’s take the movie universe of the comics and give him the back’. And this is really where it comes from.”

that Is to say, Todd Phillips are not comfortable with the controversies on the mood and decides to get to play in another field more permissive, to see what happens. What is certain is that already announced their intentions months ago when he stated: “we do Not follow any of the comics, the people will be angry“.

Mission statement: to differentiate themselves from Marvel

In the absence of the views of the fans of DC when ‘Joker’ is in the cinemas, it seems clear that the movie is going to be a success and could create a new trend, and adaptations for stage, the comic aimed at an adult audience that wants to see different approaches to the superhero fun of Marvel. In fact, Phillips left this phrase: “you can’t defeat Marvel: it is a giant monster. Let’s do something that they can not do“.

let’s Hope so, all that is to extend the offer and try to make different movies, is welcome. As we will see. Maybe all the controversy about the violence ends up winning the battle and ‘Joker’ is another island in the ocean of movies of comic books about heroes and villains, as they were before ‘The ward‘ or ‘Logan‘, among others.

finally, the filmmaker Taika Waititi, that has not stopped doing comedies, he reacted to the words of Todd Phillips about his “forced” withdrawal of the genre with a brief and ironic “LOL I funny” on his Twitter account:

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The news Todd Phillips declared that he did ‘Joker’ because the comedy has become impossible was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


Todd Phillips declared that he did ‘Joker’ because the comedy has become impossible
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October 4, 2019

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