Toyota confirms that adopts SmartDeviceLink Ford (and not the only)

Toyota confirms that adopts SmartDeviceLink Ford (and not the only)

Toyota will adopt SmartDeviceLink, the interface software open source application; . automotive suppliers QNX Software Systens and UIEvolution are also adopting this technology with plans to integrate it into their products in the coming years

Only six months ago I told you that Toyota was analyzing integration, well, the first results are already arriving at Toyota adopted this system for future multimedia systems. What does this mean and why it is so important not only for Ford?

First, what is SmartDeviceLink?

SmartDeviceLink is software code open on which it is built the Ford SYNC AppLink platform. Offers consumers an easy way to access their favorite smartphone applications using voice commands.

Vehicles equipped with SmartDeviceLink allow drivers use smartphone applications using screens, buttons and / or voice recognition commands. Popular music apps such as Spotify and iHeartRadio, information applications, including AccuWeather and MLB, consumer applications such as Domino’s and a growing number of applications from around the world are now available for users of Ford AppLink.

The SmartDeviceLink software, including AppLink, is part of Ford Smart Mobility

These applications are more easily accessible in vehicles equipped with SmartDeviceLink because developers They have access to greater volumes of vehicles and new features . For automakers and suppliers, take SmartDeviceLink expands options for users to connect and control their smartphones at the wheel and increase the quality and safety of the software, as multiple companies can collaborate on improvements.

Toyota will use in their cars, really is so important?

SmartDeviceLink Ford

Yes, because not only flatly if we talk about Toyota, PSA Peugeot Citroen is considering adding SmartDeviceLink their vehicles and manufacturers like Honda, Mazda and Subaru are also contemplating incorporating this software in their vehicles. By adopting this technology, Ford, automakers and suppliers are helping to accelerate a standard for the sector, which will increase the number of applications available for use in the vehicle. With a common software in the industry, developers can focus on creating the best experience on a platform that will be available to users in many brands.

But what really matters is that it is open source because it facilitates the sector a way to keep distinct and specific entertainment and connectivity systems that meet expectations regarding integration of smartphone applications for any phone. Livio, a subsidiary of Ford company, is managing the open source project working with companies who choose to use SmartDeviceLink to build appropriate interfaces on every single vehicle environment


Toyota confirms that adopts SmartDeviceLink Ford (and not the only)
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January 5, 2016

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