Tricks for you the battery of your mobile will load more quickly

In the past few years, manufacturers of mobile phones have evolved with the fast load, responding to one of the major demands of the market. However, many times rush or the lack of foresight causes that need your smartphone to have that load in record time.For those for which the fast charge is not enough, Andro4All has prepared a list that offer up six tricks with that it will shorten even more the time of waiting.Check the maximum power supported by your mobile: many terminals have a charger that do not support the higher power that you can get the phone at that accompany. It is best to look at the data sheet on the manufacturer’s website and use apps like Inware to see what is the power at which the mobile is charging in real-time. If it supports more power, test with a charger that gives it.Put it in airplane mode: as is well known, the “airplane mode” suspends all network connections. If you add this to not use it during the load times are shortened even more.Off: a further step is to turn off the mobile if during the process of load is not going to need Not use wireless charging: this type of load, that even studies related to possible damage to the terminal, it will not help to load faster the smartphone, while it is true that technology is doing to improve in this aspect.Opt for compatible accessories: if you have checked the maximum power output mentioned in the first point, another step that you must bear in mind is that if you are using another accessory load, this is supported.Remove the protective sleeve: this trick is effective especially if the smartphone is charging in conditions of high temperatures. Mobile phones today have begun to have a temperature control system in their batteries, which will adapt the charging power supported depending on the temperature of the terminal and its components, reducing the speed if the phone is too hot, and increase it in the case that the temperature is optimal, so that taking off the sheath can be effective to gain some speed in loading.
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Tricks for you the battery of your mobile will load more quickly
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November 30, 2019

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