Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works

Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works

Games at least most of them, have a certain element of challenge that requires the player strives . There are all kinds of games, from those that do not require little effort to those who, from the beginning, tests your ability to form an almost insane. It is basically everyday gamer.

Of course, not everyone is willing to spend too much time in a game , but want to finish it (why not leave things half). Others do not want to spend money on games to enjoy, so they resort to alternative stores apk files that are not always the safest

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What is Tutuapp

Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works

Tutuapp is an alien ship that wants to destroy the planet beginning, as all the evil aliens from the West Coast of the United States , but a group of former soldiers of the special forces appear and be sent back the black hole from which they went out and drafted laws that allow them to build systems anti-alien defense.

Okay, actually Tutuapp is a shop outside Chinese applications to any official store , which, as you can imagine, you can download paid applications without paying. Is, in essence, a Chinese (and perhaps different) version of archiconocido apkmirror , where you can find almost any application Android or iOS .

he has become relatively famous recently for hosting in its various guts “doctored” versions of Pokemon Go that allow you to capture all kinds of pokemon without leaving the couch, the toilet, or wherever you are. Just sit back, run the doctored version of the game and be fine.

However, this store hides all kinds of applications , from those who are paid in stores to official versions included some tricks (like the aforementioned Pokemon Go, but there are many more style). Yes, is in perfect Chinese, so if you do not know the language better than do not bother to look for the app.

How much risk can lock Tutuapp?

Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works

The website of Tutuapp itself does not hide any danger, at least not to analyze it from the web scamvoid (a website dedicated to analyzing other websites for clues that lead to dangerous it or not). The application, at least for Android, there seems to contain malware within it, although does request a suspicious number of permits that to me, I should not ask.

Now However, the danger can be found in applications that hosts the store . As you can imagine, a store that hosts applications aboveboard does not have such strict controls that may have the Apple App Store or Google Play , so if you access to download applications from Tutuapp, you expose yourself to being infected by all malware running around.

of course, some companies behind some games to avoid the temptation of users to download apps from unofficial shops, often take measures, if Niantic, where they ban permanently players to cheat . Besides, what grace has take the essence of a game, what makes it interesting or fun?

It is not dangerous in itself, but the fact of making a challenging game ceases to be a hit trick is something that uproots the essence of what is . Someone who spends the game in three hours with tricks is better than one that needs 30 hours without them? No, I would say the contrary, simply because the latter itself has decided to accept the challenge and although it has cost him, he has.

Tutuapp, official stores and payment applications

Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works

I was going to pass this topic as something that has been mentioned many times, but, as in more than one occasion’ve been able to read, support developers (I’ve done especially in articles about ROMs and root in general but my respect extends to all areas ).

the issue of non-official stores and payment apps that are downloaded free can be tricky. I agree with an app payment of an unofficial store to try to discharge, but once proven, if you like, the ideal is to go to Google Play and pay the price as recognition of the efforts developer .

Vale there are applications that have a fairly high prices (more than one is thinking of Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy before Mobius), but we have to think about the effort it costs to them, is not something that make the overnight, can take months get the game a reality.

and not just we are talking about games, but all kinds of applications. Developers, after all, make an effort which we will benefit us users , and stores like Tutuapp, which can also be infected apps with malware, do a disservice to these developers.

Given the possibility of testing the apps on Google Play, and if we do not like, ask for a refund, I think the unofficial stores are meaningless if developers rests applications (whether of Android, iOS or Windows Phone), and also you save the danger that your data is going to hell because of a malware

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Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works
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Tutuapp: what it is and how Chinese Android app store fashioned works
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