TV Canal + and Movistar merge to create Movistar +: what changes?

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Movistar closed the compra Canal + few months ago, but so far, unless algunos rumors, unaware what would be the result of combining both platforms. Now it’s official: Canal + and Movistar TV merge to result in a new service, named Movistar + , which also undergo significant changes

The first thing that draws attention. as already mentioned, is that channel Canal + as nothing seem to Current . The film premieres will go to Canal + videos. The Liga BBVA weekly mention nothing in the press release (also on the rest of the league, surely they are in negotiations), but presumably not be included within the channel.

So what will be on Canal +? According to the press release, it will be a kind of “showcase” the rest of the offer Movistar + , with special programs on certain sporting events and other programs produced. ¿Series, cinema and company? It seems that will go to other channels. That Canal + is included in the basic package, which will cost 20 euros per month including VAT and in which there will also be 80 additional channels.

The proper channels Movistar +

As we say, basic pack is 20 euros and include Canal + and 80 additional channels, plus Yomvi service. Movistar does not specify in its press release, but we assume it will be those who already offer Canal + and Movistar TV (FOX, Cosmopolitan, etc.). In addition, customers can choose whether to add some channels Canal + additional:

  • Canal + Series and Canal + Series Xtra: series premiere (including Movistar Series) and background catalog. Price 5 USD per month
  • Releases Canal +, Canal + DCine, Canal + Comedy, Canal + Acción, DCine Spanish, Canal + Extra. all kinds of film content. Price: 9 euros per month
  • Movistar F1, MotoGP Movistar, Canal + Sport, Canal + Sport 2 and Canal + Golf. sports, excluding football. Price: 20 euros per month
  • Additional channels. here enter Canal + Toros, Hunting and Fishing, Mezzo and Classica, which could hire part
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    Another option is to choose one of the additional premium packages Movistar +, which will also include the “last seven days” service offers. These packages would be added to the basic, which all incorporate, and are as follows: PREMIUM (sports, movies and series) PREMIUM EXTRA (sports, movies and also series of other channels a la carte) and PREMIUM TOTAL (all the above plus Canal + Bulls). For now we know the price of these packages. How will this affect current plans, in Engadget Mobile tienen all information known so far.

    “Divide and conquer”

    Currently, you can hire Canal + for 24.65 euros per month (price VAT outside the initial promotion)

    In development …

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    TV Canal + and Movistar merge to create Movistar +: what changes?
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July 6, 2015

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