Using Google Prompt to sign with identification in two steps


We carry a streak in that day sí and day we also received news of new security breaches, contraseñas stolen, hackeos and unauthorized access. Experts have diciéndonoslo years. For safety should not only use secure and unique passwords, but also enable the identification of two steps

Identification in two steps is a mechanism whose aim is to ensure that really you who are logging. It is based on the philosophy of “algo you know and something you have “and most developers implement sending text messages to your phone number. Anyone can guess your password, but initially only you have your mobile.

In an increasingly connected world, reliance on text messages and mobile to log is becoming less relevant, and more than one has already sought an alternative. Facebook has a Code Generator included in your application, and Google has Authenticator. Now Google has an even simpler method: Google Prompt

Google vs Google Authenticator Prompt

Today. google gives you a very varied list of options to verify your identity through two steps, ready to cover all the possibilities that you can find, as you do not have mobile coverage or do not own the phone. These are the options available to you:

  • Text message: You receive a text message with Call
  • voice code: you receive a voice call with a
  • security codes: A printable list of codes for use without phone and Internet
  • Google Authenticator: You get a code within the application
  • security Key USB: Only valid on a PC
  • phone recovery: An additional number in case you lose your phone
  • Google Prompt (or message Google): your phone asks if you want to login, Yes or no

The main advantage of Google Authenticator Prompt face is that need not install an additional application. Google Prompt is included in Google Play Services, the services you want or not almost certainly already have on your mobile.

On the other hand, Google Prompt is easier and less stressful than Authenticator. While in Authenticator copy a string of numbers back to the application where you want to sign (and the numbers change, so you should hurry) in Google Prompt you must only answer Yes or No.

Enabling Google Prompt

to enable Google Prompt as a system to verify your identity two steps in Google, go to control panel My Google account. Once you have logged in, go to the section Login and Security.

Further down you will come across Password and method of login, which fits the sub-paragraph two-step verification, which you must enter to activate the function. When doing this for the first time Google will ask the password again and verify your identity through a text message


In the next window you can choose which method you want to use to verify your identity. Choose Google Prompt if you have it in English, or Google Message, in Spanish. Note that if you turned identification in two steps the first time you will have closed all sessions on all devices. You need to log in to your account on the phone you use to Prompt before continuing.


in the next window, if all went well, you choose mobile you want to use to log on the list of your devices. Usually all you need is to have updated Google Play Services and, ideally, some security unlock (optional)


then Google will send the first request login using this system. All you have to do is give Yes on the phone. With this we have far more protected your account, but without having to deal with codes and countdowns, but an easier and faster way

In Engadget Android. | Gmail Android already supports two-step verification of accounts Yahoo and Microsoft

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