Viktor Bout, Merchant of Death

Viktor Bout, Merchant of Death

Viktor Bout is considered the biggest arms dealer in the world. Know more about it

Mal that despite many, for all there are degrees, and there are criminals and criminals. Is not the same as a thief dedicated to breaking car windows to steal what you find inside, with nocturnal but without malice, that the head of a cartel href=”” the Mexican drug , distributor of personal ruin a large scale and bloodthirsty leader of murderers; It is not the same as a minor villain, not even an unexpected murder, which a real criminal unscrupulous . The second category belongs Viktor Bout, dubbed the Merchant of Death on merit . Here is his story.

The biggest arms dealer in the world

While hinted in a radio interview that he was born in Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan, located in an oasis of Karakum desert, and a South African report says was href=”” Ukraine, the truth is that born in January 1967 in Dushanbe , the capital of the little-known Tajikistan, as a socialist, Soviet and he still had about fifteen years to stop being so. the nature of Bout will favored certainly to achieve their goals: proper manners, good judgment, self-control, modesty and ambition

they say the nature of Bout, who throughout his career has been hiding behind aliases as Viktor S. Bulakin, Vadim S. Aminov or Viktor Anatolievich but, certainly favored him to achieve its objectives, in particular, for their proper manners, good judgment, self-control, modesty and ambition. In addition, it is assumed fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Uzbek, a few African languages ​​and something as exotic as Esperanto .

 Viktor Bout

Extradition of Viktor Bout in 2010 –

He tells that formed part of the Soviet Air Force and studied at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Moscow, where its members were trained to be spies that would provide weapons to the revolutionaries of Africa and countries communist third world, but Bout denies any espionage network composed . Contrary to his words, the intelligence services of several countries claim it was translator peacekeepers in Angola in the late eighties and the KGB fate in Rome for four years, until the fall of Nations and the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. We sold weapons to guerrillas such as the FARC, to precarious governments and tyrants like Muammar Gaddafi, Mobutu Sese Seko, Charles Taylor and the Taliban

As the Soviet Union collapsed, Bout did not waste time and was prepared to sell weapons beyond the Iron Curtain that had been their buyers , guerrillas, tyrants and precarious governments of Colombia, Asia and Africa, such as the Northern Alliance Afghan contrary the Taliban in 1992, and then the latter when they took Kabul, the capital, in 1996; Muammar Gaddafi, the dictator of Libya href=”” for forty-two years, deceased since 2011; the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo, also died in 1997; former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, the first head of state indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity since the Nuremberg trials against the Nazis between November 1945 and October 1946 by an international tribunal; Jonas Savimbi, the Angolan rebel leader, died violently in 2002; and even href=”” FARC, the Colombian guerrilla.

Viktor Bout

Alla Potrassova, wife of Viktor Bout – BBCi

the problem with Bout is also involved in transporting peacekeepers United Nations to Somalia in 1993, French troops to Rwanda in 1994 and supplies for the World Food Programme in Africa and Sri Lanka in 2004, and something as bizarre as different UN missions in war zones catastrophe in the Middle East and Africa, where he had sold weapons ; as well fared occasionally useful to Americans, providing planes to shuttle Pentagon and the British in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were reluctant to allow their arrest. 11-S will complicated the Bout things for their business with the Taliban in Afghanistan

But the mistake of Bout was perhaps see no objection to put Al Qaeda in their business, and that might lose him. Although Alla Potrassova, his wife, told documentary The Notorious Mr. Bout , Tony Gerber and Maxim Pozdorovkin (2013) that the attacks of September 11 would complicate the Bout things for their business with the Taliban in Afghanistan and that the US government pressured its Arab partners to break trade relations they had.

Having been a millionaire from twenty years old and possessing an illegal economic empire from the thirties, with a fleet of up to twenty eight cargo planes illegal registration and license not passed inspection without any political ideology known or consideration of any kind, allowing him to sell weapons to the highest bidder without cared the least its cause and consequences of this, he was imprisoned in Thailand between 2008 and 2010, after US agents caught him having posed as arms buyers FARC .

Viktor Bout

‘Lord of War’ by Andrew Niccol – Lions Gate Films

Le extradited to the United States, where was sentenced to twenty years in prison in April 2012 ; Are charges the jury considered proven ?, conspiring to murder US citizens and ship weapons to the FARC . The trial prosecutor described him as “the number one arms dealer in some of the world’s most violent conflicts” and was Peter Hain, the former secretary of state for Africa from the UK, who dubbed him as Alfred Nobel at the time the European press for its sale of weapons and explosives: the Merchant of Death , as appropriate to that. had been a millionaire since age 25 and had an illegal economic empire from 30

Bout has always asserted that it is a victim of political and innocent handling , and the Russian government, do not miss it, first tried to prevent him extradited and after the trial, says the verdict is not the result of “an objective examination of facts “but the maneuvers of the US government. But Bout had been immortalized by Hollywood as the criminal who is with his free transcript of the film Lord of War , Andrew Niccol, 2005 , three years before his arrest. What can he do against cinema triumphant?


Viktor Bout, Merchant of Death
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February 6, 2016

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