We tested the Sony Smart Glass: wearables the wrong approach … again

We tested the Sony Smart Glass: wearables the wrong approach ... again

During the MWC 2015 in Barcelona had the chance to try the Sony Smart Glass and the conclusion is clear: this is not what we mean when we speak of wearable technology.

Beyond all that we have seen in smartphones over the MWC 2015 , we had time to see developments in other technological fields such as wearables , specifically the Huawei , the new quantifying bracelet HTC or even the new Pebble Time Steel . But we could try other technology wearable less discreet, something that reminds us of the ineffable Google Glass. Sony Smart Glass

Before to start talking about the Sony Smart Glass , we must not confuse them with the Sony SmartEyeGlass , which was a variant of Google Glass even thicker and an aesthetic downright awful . This new approach to Sony seems more correct than his previous attempt, especially if the ultimate goal is make smart any pair of sunglasses , so we proceeded cautiously but wanted to try the bet of Sony .

Having seen the user who was currently testing the glasses, our optimism with Smart Glass took a severe blow: despite the important thing was the clip-on that bind to the glasses, glasses chosen for the demo gave him a look of Google Glass with slight differences. Mal we started.

However, with the promise of Sony employee that they could join another type of glasses (once he had supported models with Clip-on), we decided to ignore the aspect and focus on what matters: the module of the Sony Smart Glass <. br /> Sony-Smart -Glass-05

The tiny prism does what it should do: show the necessary information without cover our field of vision. But this is enough to convince anyone, and more with the short demo was available.

On this front is the main problem of Smart Glass: stand by the side too , and the overall weight is unbalanced. This is noticeable even in the short time available for demo per user.

If you thought that Google Glass and camera with the lens was something serious in the Smart Glass has worsened this: if someone with Smart Glass looks at you, is impossible not to look at the camera protruding , ruining the whole purpose of “invisible technology”.

Briefly, after seeing my partner Nicholas and the demo and take appropriate photographs, the conclusion of the two was the same: the separate module to be placed in any type of glasses is an interesting idea, but everything else did not like. This should not be the future of technology wearable , and the sooner account will give companies the better.


We tested the Sony Smart Glass: wearables the wrong approach … again
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March 3, 2015

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