What are the reasons that Google censorship in Google Play?

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We have often seen how algunas Google Play applications disappear while others avoid close as possible to the app store. Actually There are many reasons for it but usually when they are not or they avoid it because there is some kind of conflict with the policy they have in Mountain View when publishing and allow downloading content.

Google Play has evolved out of doors but has also been transformed inside in recent years. Changes that we see with the naked eye but help us to content that’s in store safer for users and where there are no problems whatsoever. Without going any further, this year has been a major revision of some terms and today I answer the question that we propose in the headline. What drives Google Play to censor or allow certain content


Users who use Google Play for the first time, must accept an agreement of terms of use where a number of basic rules and behaviors are specified. Developers also have to do the same with this long list href=”https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.html”> points to know well not avoid misunderstandings and that Google is not required for some time to send notices to developers before deleting an application or your own if necessary

Today we can differentiate six blocks and two recommendations.

tough on spam

Browser Android Adblock

Let your application to display advertising is not a problem but if you abuse it or ads samples that have nothing to do with the content. Then you’ll have problems. A clear example: adult drug advertisements in children’s games? Not a good idea.

In addition to the content is not desired, also assessed other than repetitive, it is in context and also not derogatory against anything or anyone. Honestly I would see how the evaluation of this section because some apps are sometimes a little unfair to show ads.

Respect intellectual property

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Have you ever wondered why you have applications as Popcorn Time or NetEase they are not in Google Play? Very simple: are conflicting with intellectual property and entered as a fulminant be eliminated. When reviewing this last point was, this year, we saw something very curious.

it will be hardened much everything related to intellectual property that some applications that used for posters of movies in the screenshots were removed without explanation. Eye: talk of using the image capture application, nothing more. Fortunately Google was a little looser with that but the rest related to this subject, zero tolerance.

Do not make changes where you should

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If an application makes changes to other apps or even the system without the user being aware of it, we are not going to see much time for Google Play. This point will take it very seriously because many apps have that ability to make changes to the settings without us being accountable.

This, of course, is accentuated if we root in mobile. Here then it is when we give more access to sensitive parts of the system where you can make further modifications. Google is taking very seriously as these changes could translate into problems for the user.

Nothing porn and naked

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Google is very clear on this subject. If your application has to do with sex, pornography or nudity (most of them) is likely to finish removing the Google Play. Of course, it all becomes a bit here because ultimately depends on how we use that application. Consider web browsers to access erotic pages, etc.

Show private information publicly, not

It may seem a bit obvious, but if your application displays private information such as card numbers credit, identifiers, email accounts and Google passwords is going to very quickly remove . Another point where there is confusion or double reading. If you show content from a private database without users’ permission, we have a problem.

Malware and phishing are not welcome

Android Malware

Probably the clearest of all and one that has dogged Google’s . Malicious applications accessing private information not to give you permission or apps that record everything that we write to file passwords are not welcome in Google Play.

Today is very difficult to find malware on Android and the chances of our mobile or tablet is more infected by applications installed manually through other channels. I know you will read a lot but really, Look back well the apps you get off outside the store Google. Not all apks are safe

Two recommendations:. Purchases and age

The order in application must be managed through the Google payment system. Again, we can “skip” that recommendation if for example we use a web browser. In fact, if our website is online shopping we need not pay products out there. Actually this recommendation goes to the content of the application itself.

The other recommendation is related to age ratios. Classify content if necessary and put a recommended age to access content. This especially applies to games that in some cases the differences can be quite sensitive

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What are the reasons that Google censorship in Google Play?
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July 10, 2015

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