What do you lose if you use Facebook Facebook Lite?


Facebook Lite, the application it occupies less than 1 MB of the popular social network llegó to Spain just over a month ago. This application is intended to emerging markets and has been designed thinking about slow connections, so it might be useful to you if you have some powerful mobile or a data rate too restrictive.

But What exactly are the differences between the Lite and full implementation? How is the experience at the time of use in a high-end mobile? Like many of you, we have also asked this question, and in fact we decided to take a look and make this comparison for you explaining what has been our experience


Interface minimalist and reduced


As you can see, the interface of both applications has quite noticeable differences . One is the same arrangement of the sections at the top of the screen, as you can see not only the icons in the Lite version are inserted in the blue bar, but the search bar disappears and becomes a section more.

On the left you can also see how the complete Facebook application shows the images that share our contacts in a very visible size while the right will find that the Lite version reduces them to not take so long to load , and we have to click on them if we see them with a decent size.

There are also some changes in icons Like and Comment , which are much more minimalist in the Lite version. Besides signaling disappears text of the Like and the number of comments. The interface of Facebook Lite seems to have come from the past in a time machine, and although the differences are remarkable and gives the feeling of being a somewhat “dirty” application, I can not say I dislike .

As for the other sections or tabs on the application, all are displayed with a much smaller aspect and more modestosy a less colorful icons. It is as if Facebook had assumed that mobile that will take will mostly small screens and have adapted the sizes of the application to see the maximum amount of content.

The yield is the highest Unlike


There are many design aspect of Facebook Lite that I like, but all the enthusiasm that could be used in place of the complete application I spent in once I started using it for a while . And is that the biggest differences between the two will not find them in both design and performance.

First, the application has a bad fluidity when whet scroll in our timeline, something really annoying but that was expected given the small footprint. Moreover, very few messages Lite charged on the timeline, so if we want to review all our currently have to be loading new messages every few minutes.

And in fact that’s where we find another of his largest and most annoying drawbacks: load times . Load times on the transitions of the application are enormous, whether to open a small image to access a new page in the timeline or visit the profile of one of our contacts.

As much as we can design like Lite performance differences are abysmal . In the full application everything is smooth and fluid, while the reduced have to deal with a bad fluidity and a time of excessive load, moreover, freeze the screen and we can not do anything until we have open finishes loading .

Absences and added


In an effort to consume the least amount of data possible and to maximize the display of our phones, Facebook Lite also dispense small options as the display videos directly from the timeline. Instead, these are displayed as small images on which we have to press for them to load full screen.

Another absences, as you have seen in the picture that heads this article, it is in the company profiles or pages. While Facebook delights showing us a avatar, a background image and even information profile or page you are visiting, in this Lite disappear to focus on the content, and if we want to access these data we’ll have to click on a specific tab and they will come to load.

But not all be bad news vain. In fact Facebook Lite significant born that could have been quite decisive whether differences in performance would not have been so abysmal noted. This is the chat, which can not be accessed from the main Facebook app (asks us install Messenger), but itself will be available in Lite .

What do you lose if use Facebook Lite?

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In conclusion, if you use Facebook Lite you lose all the fluidity and good behavior which offers the main application of the social network. You will also have to face long load times as you want to see a photo or upload a video, something that convinces a virtually unusable unless you have no choice but to resort to her application.

It’s a shame, because as I have mentioned the design is minimalist, but at least I do not personally distasteful. In addition in Facebook Lite can use Facebook chat without the application forces you to settle Messenger, a possibility that a server check rather less in the main application.

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What do you lose if you use Facebook Facebook Lite?
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July 25, 2015

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