What players take when you see drugs in movies?


  • Titles like ‘Scarface’ ‘,’ Trainspotting ‘,’ Pulp Fiction ‘concentrated much of its plot in the consumption of narcotics.
  • Cigars free herbal snuff, inositol rather than cocaine or camera tricks with injectables, the answer.


There are many movies whose plot is closely linked drug use, ‘Scarface’ ( ‘Scarface’), ‘Trainspotting’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ … they presented explicitly drug. But What players take drugs instead?

Daily The Independent has the answer with a report on the substitutes drugs in movies or series.

Thus, snuff, legal drug, it substitutes, although up to 90 snuff really smoked. But now they smoked cigarettes made from natural, non-addictive herbs, without snuff. For example, in ‘Mad Men’, a series in which he constantly smokes, cigars were used herb called Ecstasy . And in the movie ‘Non Stop’, Liam Neeson smoked cigars and chamomile tea.

When it comes to marijuana alternatives are adopted similar to those of snuff or legal substitutes.

cocaine is one of the most committed simulating drugs. Formerly he used milk powder or baking soda, but the result was not the desired. So a while now used href=”https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inositol” inositol, an organic compound used vitamin B usually to cut drug, but that alone does not have the effects of the drug , although light energy pulses causes and actors like Al Pacino and Mickey Rourke reported problems with it in the filming of ‘the Scarface ‘and’ the Wrestler ‘.

in the case of heroin, the solution is not so much to find a substitute , but to play with the’ magic ‘of movie theater. Thus, the use of false syringes, CGI or simply using footage cuts can solve the generated scene.


What players take when you see drugs in movies?
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