When a mother is a great photographer

When a mother is a great photographer

Kate T. Parker is a photographer from Atlanta author of the series Strong is the New Pretty, which shows that female stereotypes are old fashioned.

Kate T. Parker is a photographer based in Atlanta that besides his work in commercial photography, made a beautiful series called “Srong is the New Pretty” which her daughters are the protagonists. Ella Alice 6 years and 9 appear in different situations demonstrating their activities, ranging from swimming in the company of her friends, like playing soccer

Kate explained in interview that he decided to work on this subject to express to be unique and do what you want is better than the demands that girls be neat or made” well covers “to be considered feminine:

I wanted to make this series of pictures to show the courage, strength and beauty of them as they are

most of this series, are his own daughters the protagonists of the photographs, however, others appear with a group of friends who share activities. Just as women of other ages doing what they like and breaking stereotypes. The result is a fantastic collection of images, which also has a beautiful message that any girl should listen.

This series integrate a book that will be released in 2017

the Greco-Roman wrestling, football and American, are sports that little by little they are removing the veil of male exclusivity, and this graphic testimony leaves us very clear that the idea that there are exclusive activities for men is only an archaic idea, although very involved in our mind, is nothing more than an invention . She and Alice and Kate say we caught it deftly.

The complete series can be seen at the site of Kate T . Parker and their other work. “Strong is the New Pretty” will, in 2017, a book that will compile the beautiful work of this photographer. Remember about the impressive work that can be done when children home or are dedicated to them involved and when the are small way.

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