‘Who to iron kill’ is a marvel: Paco Plaza signed a work bitter as the gall which is complicated not to regale with pleasure

'Who to iron kill' is a marvel: Paco Plaza signed a work bitter as the gall which is complicated not to regale with pleasure

Any good film worth its salt should start with a flat opening to the height of the circumstances, which condenses in a single shot all that is to come at the level of the thematic, tonal and conceptual. In ‘Who to iron kill’, this first image, as a forceful statement of intent, shows us a mussel being destroyed in a handshake a vibrant level of detail.

With this snapshot, Paco Plaza, which returns to the charge two years after aterrarnos with that milestone within the terror of their homeland, entitled ‘Verónica’lays the foundations on which he will build his absorbing thriller of revenge over a essential hour and forty minutes, the contents of which we could label as a gigantic slap in the face of the viewer. Of those that leave a mark and are difficult to forget.

Because the ‘Who to iron kill’ gives a new meaning to that cliché that usually talk of “descents into hell”, ensuring that the stalls of the spiral of violence, anger, moral ambiguity, chiaroscuro and roughness that makes up a cocktail bitter as the gall, which, although it sounds contradictory, it is difficult not to relish with gusto.

A thriller Korean to galician

With her latest film, Plaza, lover, self-confessed film genre that emerged in the great industry of South Korea, has given way to a sort of thriller that south Korean galician without trying to hide their referents, and, similarly, without losing an apex of the seal of the author that makes recognizable the heading of the valencian. And the first aspect in which it can be perceived that is, in addition to its dramatic structure, in the treatment of tonal and visual of the tape.

‘Who to iron kill’ balances with success two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, and squeezing until the last drop of the fantastic work of director of photography Paul Rosso, a regular collaborator of the filmmaker, it features a containment and a sobriety enviable, who chooses to economize on cuts and stop breathing action without any kind of rush. On the other, is not afraid to let flow his deep and convert the balance into chaos, freeing the camera and zarandeando next to her on the respectable without any kind of mercy. 


On this duality, dotted with a good assortment of those passages that invite us to contain the breath unconsciously, thanks to a commendable management of suspense, is queen a taste for the symbolic, which squanders intelligence, and gives drawings that evoke effortless that visual poetry that is so characteristic of the cinema of the asian country —unforgettable that path of flowers, and so many joys he has given us when the have been articulated by teachers as Joon-ho or Chan-wook.

even Though, over and above any formal element or narrative of ‘Who to iron kill’, all of them shining at an exceptional level, highlights the figure of Luis Tosar so gargantuan as usual. The lugo releases all his talent in an exhibition of containment elevated by the richness of nuances and interpretive details, taking the gold of a complex character, and built to the thousand wonders within a script whose only downside is a sin of sobreexplicativo in a few moments.

Quien A Hierro Mata Images 3

ultimately, all the tools and resources mentioned are at the service of a history of vendettas personal so earthly that it feels skin-deep. A story whose readings about the burden of the family and the legacy that this leaves us, sometimes against our own will, embed themselves in the depths of a heart, thanks in part to this warm manners with the Square tuck all of your creations, regardless of the hardness of these.

If the initial plane of ‘Who to iron kill’ is a foretaste of the perfect that is to come, the overwhelming last image we see before cutting to black, definitive, in addition to being extracted from the worst of nightmares, perfectly sums up everything that this twisted gem is intended to transmit, thus closing a circle outstanding that could have only signed Square. And is that, in an analogy to the way in which the film carries the almost exotic of the genus to the tangible coast of galicia, we could come to the conclusion that our Park Chan-wook particular is called Paco and is from Valencia.

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‘Who to iron kill’ is a marvel: Paco Plaza signed a work bitter as the gall which is complicated not to regale with pleasure
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August 27, 2019

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