Who’s who in late night programs of American TV

Who’s who in late night programs of American TV

The electoral periods States States are always great moments for programs late night . Coverage and jokes about l...

The electoral periods States States are always great moments for programs late night . Coverage and jokes about las primaries, debates, the Republican and Democratic conventions to elect the candidates for president, the November elections … The current information not only causes ‘Saturday Night Live‘ do special editions of his Weekend Update, but gives presenters shows late a chance to shine.

However, not all programs broadcast a after 23 pm are focused on today, especially politics, not all speakers are equal. As some take some time making the leap to the news outside the US for having vcuelto viral, we review Who is who in these late-night talk show Americans.

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political commentators

one could say that these programs broadly into two sides are divided: those who analyze and comment today from a humorous point of view, and primarily engaged entertainment. The latter also spend part of their time discussing the day’s news, but it is not the most important. As for the first, their natural habitat are cable networks, especially Comedy Central, TBS and HBO

Who’s who in late night programs of American TV

the standard in which these satirical look for information is’ The Daily show ‘Comedy Central. In the 16 years in which he presented Jon Stewart (between 1999 and last year), became the favorite space young urban public to find out what was happening in the United States, and in the world, and incidentally, the chains 24 hour news and especially FOX news was criticized.

Since 2015, its presenter is Trevor Noah, South African comedian is one of the few black anchors on the late night , and has maintained the editorial line program (which Spain can be seen Movistar Series). This has several correspondents who actually are other comedians parodying the work of experts or commentators on all the special envoys who care more for themselves than for the news they are covering. And many of those correspondents have finished presenting their own late-night talk show .


One of them is, for example, Larry Wilmore, driver ‘ the Nightly Show ‘also on Comedy Central, and the other black presenter of this group. Wilmore (which is one of the producers of ‘black-ish‘ on ABC) served a prism more focused on race relations in the country, and has usually round tables to discuss some of the issues most striking of the day. Also Samantha Bee happened at the time by ‘The Daily Show’ and now presents’ Full With Samantha Bee front ‘once a week on TBS.

His style is more comment on the stories that most indignant, and differs from the others not only in being the only woman group, but that is standing, not sitting behind any table. There are still two “students” Jon Stewart over between the shows late that are dedicated more to political commentary. One is John Oliver from your ‘ Last Week Tonight’, someone who applies the tradition of British political satire to world news, not only relevant in the United States, which has become one of the most popular names of these programs.


The other former correspondent for ‘The Daily Show’ is Stephen Colbert, who became famous giving life to a recalcitrant and narcissistic Republican ‘ The Colbert Report ‘and now presents’ Late Show with Stephen Colbert ‘, the program which occupies the void left by David Letterman on CBS. His case is a bit special because the program also features guest who will promote their films, for example, but is in his commentary on the current political situation which highlights. In the two weeks of the Republican and Democratic conventions he did the live program, and even recruited the actress Laura Benanti to parody el plagiarized speech Melania Trump.

However, in terms of analysis Currently, there are few programs so motivated to get into all sorts of disputes as’ Real Time with Bill Maher ‘. Maher has no problem recognizing atheist (something very unusual among American public figures) and to launch harsh diatribes against everything that seems wrong, and sharpen everything. Both this program like John Oliver (both HBO) can be seen in Spain Movistar Series Xtra.

Those who seek to entertain

Who’s who in late night programs of American TV

There is a curious aspect of all these programs late night we have not mentioned, and that influences the tone and the topics covered in part. All we have discussed so far are recorded in New York, where they are still the headquarters of the television networks, and There are only a few that are located in Los Angeles, and enter more in the other category of these spaces, seeking to entertain the viewer.

the clearest example of this is’ Jimmy Kimmel Live! ‘in ABC. Among the cases of corporate synergy with Marvel movies and the fact recorded in the heart of Hollywood, Jimmy Kimmel usually always have the most famous (and best known athletes) actors. The interviews do not usually move from the promotional and light, but also makes many segments on the street, asking people for various topics or doing some games with them

‘Conan ‘, the late show Conan O’Brien, is also in Los Angeles in TBS. This former writer of the first seasons of ‘The Simpsons’ over there after the failed it happened to Jay Leno in front of ‘the Tonight Show’, and is a fairly conventional program in which, occasionally, Conan makes some eccentricity, like his trip to Finland, Armenia or Cuba. In the past two years has made a week of programs in the Comic-Con San Diego that video could be 360 ​​degrees.


the last to arrive, and faster has become one of the most viral, it is James Corden. He assumed the reins of ‘ The Late Late Show’ on CBS, Craig Ferguson (who came to make a program sin public), and she borrowed from ‘ The Graham Norton Show’, on BBC, the idea of all guests are on the sofa at the same time. But what has made it stand out are their pieces with their guests and, above all, ‘ Carpool Karaoke’ the section that runs through Los Angeles Corden drive with a famous singer, and devote themselves to chat and sing as loud, the successes of the singer.

In terms of virality, and success in social networks, Corden will only approaches Jimmy Fallon. As soon as he started presenting the ancient ‘ The Tonight Show’, an institution on NBC, with more than 60 years history, it became a program of friendly interviews and generally uninteresting, but in a mine momentazos thanks to all the games Fallon makes his guests, from the Wheel of Musical Imitations to box Lies, frat party games as dar back to the beer glasses or the battle of playback which has resulted in ‘ Lipsync Battle’ on Spike.

The “other”


in the late shows of the chains open another program ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers ‘on NBC, which would come into that category to search for more entertainment, but Seth Meyers, which filed for quite some time the Weekend Update’ Saturday Night Live ‘, says more in-depth policy issues currently in segments like A Closer Look, so it is a bit among the programs of the networks and basic cable.

and then we have Chelsea Handler. For a long time, she was the only woman with a late show , ‘Chelsea Lately’ on E !, but now it has moved to Netflix with a program that also has all your guests mixed on the couch, chatting with her, and not convince finishes critics. Netflix dangle new programs three days a week.

More or less, these are the presenters that the late night spread on American television. These programs no longer have the relevance they had a few years ago, and its success almost being measured more by its ability to launch videos become viral for your audience.

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