Why no one can lift the hammer of Thor? Science answers

“Whoever wields this hammer, if it’s worth it, possess the power of Thor”

The short explanation is that only one who deserves the power of Thor can lift. In fact, remember that even the Prince of Asgard has been through stages in which it is not “whorty” of carrying the Mjolnir . Just as it is not the only thing it ever has behaved.

Avengers: Age of Ultron could see a scene (which also appeared in the first trailer) in which our superheroes make the attempt to lift Mjolnir, but no one gets, nor with his super or robotic hardware and For Iron Man. The only one that does not try is Natasha Romanoff, that would have been a enorme surprise.

is the same Tony Stark which suggests a reason, a scientific explanation of why the behavior Mjolnir: fingerprint recognition and therefore not works with anyone else. The point is that this issue has a very mythological background of the value of the hero, the purity of their acts and the responsibility of having great power. But if we move away from this point, Stark brings us closer to an explanation of the science itself … but not the only one.

It is made with the denser material of the universe

It is the same href=”https://hipertextual.com/tag/neil-degrasse-tyson” Neil DeGrasse Tyson who explained about this. According to the doctor of astrophysics and director of the Hayden Planetarium, if the Mjolnir is forged material neutron stars, which is the more dense material in the universe , out of a black hole. Your weight, then amount to 300 billion elephant. So said the famous scientist in his Twitter account:

Theory Suveen Mathaudhu

Suveen Mathaudhu it is a materials scientist who works for the United States Army. By knowing the explanation of Neil DeGrasse Tyson presented a rebuttal this and released its own theory. Mathaudhu ensures that the error DeGrasse Tyson is assumed that the Mjolnir is forged the core of a star, when in fact it is made the core of it with a material Asgardian called Uru

Its main exhibit is a collectible card 1991, published by Marvel, home of the famous superhero God.. In this card it explains that Thor’s hammer has a weight of 42.3 pounds, ie about 20 kg . Based on this information, the scientific Suveen Mathaudhu explains that, if so, the metal Uru would be a “holy grail” of high pressure. That is, a material that would be like metallic hydrogen . For this material to forge would take a tremendous source of energy that can only be found in the nucleus of the planets … or stars. Here’s a video explaining these details:

Theory Jim Kakalios

Dr. Kakalios is a scientist, author of ‘ The Physics of Superheroes ‘, is also a professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota. He, in turn, has analyzed the dilemma of Thor and Mjolnir in an article for Wired . There we largely explains his theory. For starters, takes up the explanation of DeGrasse adding that does not explain that a weight as he calculated: 300 000 000 000 elephants, are supported by the coffee table of Tony Stark (Scene Avengers: Age of Ultron) . Then proposed that there must be another explanation.

For starters, he says it’s possible that what Tony Stark suggests, a sort of fingerprint sensors possible. Some kind of nanotechnology and software to analyze those trying to lift and carry a biological and psychological profile to find out if it is “worthy” of power involved. This would explain why Steve Rogers (Captain America) moves slightly, to the surprise and shock of Thor.

Kakalios seeks to take up the 3ra. Arthur C. Clarke law and says.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

And, remember that Thor himself explains that comes from a town where magic and science are almost the same thing. So if we add that the beings of Asgard have a much more advanced technology than we can imagine, this would be enough to explain the “magic” behind the Mjolnir.

Now if you are not worthy of carrying the hammer of Thor how is it that does not move without disrupting the coffee table which it is perched room? Kakalios explains, because the gravitons . Yes, first, remember the First Law of Newton , which states “Every body continues in its state of rest or uniform rectilinear motion unless it is compelled to change its state by forces on the printed” . Then, when the hammer rests on the coffee table, there is a downward force on it the gravitational attraction between the mass of the hammer and the mass of Earth (we refer to as its “gravity weight”) and against Book and table-force pushing up the hammer.

By the time Tony Stark, and others, apply a counter force to lift where do all that power if the table is left intact? (Otherwise it would destroy). The implication is that the Uru material, which do not know their properties on Earth , under the right incentives can to issue large amounts of gravitons . We will come here to the Asgardian technology is more advanced, then, these gravitons “nullify” the strength to lift the hammer issued when someone is not worthy. This does not damage the surface on which it is perched, as only negate the force and no weight to this.

The ability of metal Uru to alter their interaction with the gravitational fields can also account for other Mjolnir property astonished. that when thrown, can alter its trajectory and move , apparently of their own accord, returning to Thor’s hand

Jim shared his ideas Kakalios with writer Mark Waid and was in “The Indestructible Hulk # 8 ‘theories of why Hulk published was not able to lift Mjolnir


Why no one can lift the hammer of Thor? Science answers
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