Wine for Android: Run Windows programs on Android will be a reality soon


One of the problems with Linux distributions is the program offer. Many popular programs for Windows and Mac OS X are not available on the platform, so users must either resort to alternative programs or emulators that allow programs are delivered.

Of all these emulators, the most popular is Wine, which lets run Windows applications on any Linux distribution of a relatively simple, solving and the scarcity of programs and applications that suffer this platform.

Due to its good performance, this software has been ported to other UNIX-based platforms such as Mac OS X or Solaris, but really where success has been achieved in Linux. Now, its creators have set a new challenge and is none other than porting Wine to Android , allowing Windows programs to run on any Android device.

Imagine to run programs like Microsoft Office directly on your tablet. It would be just great, because we could work with these devices as if it were a computer. And thanks to the great power that these terminals have not had major problem for it.

Currently the port is in an early stage , so even launch remains some way off. However, it is fantastic news for the free software community and, especially, for Android users.

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Wine for Android: Run Windows programs on Android will be a reality soon
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February 5, 2013

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