Wolder Wiam # 65, analysis: a solid proposal, especially in design

Wolder Wiam 65

the Spanish manufacturer Wolder is not new to telephony , but their latest releases show a change in strategy successful and equally necessary. Gone are those terminals with basic benefits and questionable quality designs, now from Wolder we propose more solvents teams from the technical point of view, which does not neglect at all the aesthetic section.

The Wolder Wiam # 65 is the best example of this metamorphosis, a terminal that combines a good set of specifications and a design that is reflected in the more established high-end with a unibody aluminum chassis that does not go unnoticed. The Wolder Wiam 65 has passed through our hands, we tell our impressions.

Wolder Wiam # 65, technical specifications

Wolder Wiam 65

outside, the design Wolder Wiam 65 leaves a good feeling, but neither lets inside. Without going to the most advanced components, the Cantabrian company offers a comprehensive and balanced hardware with your mobile star, with pieces like the wide screen 5.5 inches with a resolution FullHD and density of 400dpi .

on paper, cameras are one of the strengths of this model (but then we’ll see how they behave in practice), with a sensor Sony IMX230 21 megapixel to the back and a secondary 13-megapixel camera with flash feature fill via the screen.

No expense has been spared in performance with a processor Mediatek Helio P10 , a solvent eight cores in this case is accompanied by 3 GB of RAM . In addition, the Wiam 65 is also generous with the internal memory and offers us a background of 32 GB expandable with MicroSD. It also includes the usual connections, including an NFC chip and Dual SIM option, all powered by a battery of 3000 mAh with quick charge function.


physical dimensions 156.4 x 76.9 x 7.3 mm
165 grams
Display IPS 5.5 inches
Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, 400 dpi
Processor MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755
Octa-core Cortex-A53 2GHz
graphics Processor ARM Mali-T860 MP2
Memory 32GB + microSD up to 64 GB
version Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Connectivity Dual SIM 4G
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0
Cameras Rear: 21 MP with auto-focus, LED flash, HDR, pro mode and FullHD video with digital stabilizer
Front: 13 MP, flash, HDR, I smile shot / gestural, beauty
Battery Battery 3000 mAh
quick charge
Other information metal construction
Technology Miravision
Reader rear fingerprints
Price $ 299

Design premium to par

Wolder Wiam 65

not long ago, the most elaborate designs were usually reserved for the higher ranges but currently quality materials have also infiltrated the middle segment and the Wolder Wiam 65 is a good example of this change.

The Wiam 65 dresses in a unibody aluminum chassis with rounded edges that keeps quite similar to the style of terminals as the OnePlus 3 and HTC One. All profiles of the back cover are laser cut, creating a chrome bezel frame surrounding the terminal, the hole for the fingerprint sensor and antenna lines contrasts with matte metal gray. Speaking antenna, the upper and lower parts of the housing are made of plastic, but his finish mimics fairly well the aluminum and does not squeak too in sight.

The rear camera is quite prominent, not because Excel much (it does), but because has been placed too high and breaks the rounded shape of the top, but it is a more aesthetic than functional detail because it does not affect when taking pictures. Just below is the LED flash and the fingerprint sensor. There is also space for logos and Wolder Wiam.

Speaking of fingerprint sensor placement in the back is somewhat cumbersome at times, for example if we have the phone on the table as to unlock this method it is necessary to take the terminal, although this is more a personal preference. The sensor can be easily accessed with the index finger and offers a good response, both accuracy and speed .

If we move to the front, the screen is covered by a sheet of resistant glass 2.5D that is curved at the edges, but the board is not entirely successful because It does not fit directly with the metal, but there is a profile by creating a kind of court that could have concealed a little more. Despite this detail, ergonomics is good and no noticeable edge to hold

Wolder Wiam 65 06

on the front we also find the touch button start, which has been extracted from the virtual keypad and Android LED has an elongated notifications that Wolder has named Quasar Light .

As for the physical volume buttons and on / standby, Wolder has opted for a very simple design, also in metal, and placed them in the top half of the right side. You can easily access them with your thumb or index as the hand that we’re holding, the problem is that are close together and have exactly the same way , which has made more than once we have pressed not to touch.

with regard to size, Wiam 65 mounts a 5.5-inch screen, so it is not exactly compact though as we said its shape fits quite well on hand. It is also quite thin (7.3 mm), but despite this its 165 grams are somewhat heavier than we would like .

Apart from the small details, Wolder design Wiam 65 leaves us a good feeling and represents a quantum leap in the catalog of Wolder. Wiam 71 and opted for the usual combo metal-glass, but at 65 is where they have managed to capture that premium idea strongest form.

Large, also in quality

Wolder Wiam 65

as we advance, the screen Wolder Wiam 65 places it in the category of phablets with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, a large size that takes its place on the thin line between functionality and visual experience though if you have small hands, the balance leans more towards the visuals.

Large screens have conquered the mobile landscape and it is increasingly difficult to find terminals that offer a more measured diagonally without resorting to the usual “mini”. As mentioned, with 5.5 inch Wolder Wiam 65 is large enough, it also passed but there are occasions in which we have too few tenths of an inch for handling more comfortable.

WOLDER WIAM 65 5.5 inch FullHD
156.4 x 76.9 x 7.3 mm
69, 3%
OPPO F1 PLUS 5.5 inch FullHD
151.8 x 74.3 x 6.6 mm
BQ AQUARIS M5.5 5.5 inch FullHD
151.8 x 75.5 x 8.4 mm
iPHONE 6S PLUS 5.5 inch FullHD
158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm mm
150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm

Here body / screen ratio plays an important role and, when compared to other terminals with the same size, it is clear that there could be a little more tight screen to get the total size of the set will not be as cumbersome. In particular the side profiles added 3 mm on each side of the screen, while there are 1.5 centimeters and 1.4 centimeters above the bottom.

In the visuals, bet for Wolder panel IPS with FullHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), a balanced configuration that meets note. With a density of 400 ppi sharpness it is beyond question and the color reproduction is very successful, with faithful tones without overloading as we often find in AMOLED panels.


this point we must talk about the system Miravision an image enhancement that allows us to configure various settings from the Settings menu. By default it comes in Standard mode but you can choose Intense mode if you prefer a saturation point in the colors. There is also a custom option that lets you choose the contrast, saturation and brightness of the image.

Miravision also has a section to enhance moving images with the Dynamic Contrast option, which applies a kind of unsharp mask and enhances the contrast, and color effect for more vivid colors. Finally, we note that Touch response is very good and offers a fairly high level of brightness to use it outdoors.

Sound OK, but better with headphones

Wolder Wiam 65

One of the common elements in most smartphones with aluminum unibody design is the placement of the speakers. Except for the One series of HTC and some other model, almost all manufacturers choose the lower profile to place the speaker. It is not as good position as the front, but it’s definitely better to place it in the back.

When listening to music through the speaker Wiam 65 we miss something more volume, but this has its advantages, and that by offering a more moderate level does not distort and shortcomings and difficulties to reproduce low frequencies or metallic tint in the voices are not made so obvious.

The terminal comes with a in-ear headphones type in the box that significantly improve sound when listening to music or even when making a call. They are quite comfortable and have a keypad to control playback or answer calls without having to touch the mobile

Camera. a good sensor is not everything

Wolder Wiam 65

The photographic section is the unfinished business of Wolder and Wiam 65 is a clear attempt to improve one of the key points of a smartphone. As we advance, the company is committed to a Sony IMX230 sensor 21 megapixel rear camera, a sensor on the role portends very good results, but in the case of Wiam 65 does not express its full potential .

Wiam Camara 65

If the conditions are optimal camera achieves good results and the level of detail is quite deep, but miss a plus definition and faster approach, especially when the light begins to dwindle -the common problem in most smartphones.

wiam camera 65

as we see in the image above these lines, the dynamic range is somewhat limited and there are areas of deeper very marked light and shadow, though without losing much detail. Things change if we force a little more in scenes where the contrast is much starker.

Wiam Camara 65

the HDR mode can be helpful in those situations where there are large variations between light and shadow. However, this function is somewhat slow and must tune the pulse if you want to achieve optimal results because if we move the mobile during capture sharpness will be lost and may even appear superimposed elements almost as if it were a double exposure.

Wiam Camara 65

As mentioned, the 65 Wiam is quite short in night scenes and the inevitable noise makes an appearance, but nevertheless can get us out of any trouble. To fill this gap, Wolder integrates a flash LED Dual Tone that while it fails to completely eliminate noise, at the right distance can save the photo.

Speaking of flashes the front camera has a sensor of 13 megapixels and no flash LED, but Wolder includes a mode fill flash across the screen that improves self-portraits in low light conditions.

Pro Mode

although we have seen that the results can be improved, 65 Wiam camera performs better if we devote time and take advantage of the features included . At this point we highlight the manually has been included among the functions of the camera and that allows us to play with options such as white balance, shutter or even the focus. It is an increasingly common feature but still has not been extended globally, especially in simpler phones, and it comes in handy when it comes to take full advantage of a scene.

app camera also includes other options like scene modes, the beauty mode, anti-flicker system, continuous shooting and even shot in RAW mode. As for the videos, you can record in FullHD with optional slow motion and has an image stabilizer, but yes, digital.

The camera is one of the most objectionable points of this model, on all because Sony sensor with that expected a more efficient performance it offers. Overall the camera is somewhat slow, both focus and shooting, and although it is possible to get good pictures, as we said that takes time. However we attribute these failures to a software problem and hope they can be solved with an update.


 image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/wolder-wiam-65-camara/3″> image01  image01

faster performance, fluid … warm

 Wolder Wiam 65

In the section of performance, Wiam 65 bet on a processor that already we met in our analysis of the Oppo F1 Plus , and certainly left us very dissappointed. We talked about the Helio P10 , a chip with 64-bit support signed by the Chinese company Mediatek has eight Cortex A53 cores at 2 GHz clock frequency. Is accompanied by a Mali T860 GPU frequency to 700 MHz and in this case comes with 3 GB of RAM memory.

Benchmarks Wolder Wiam 65
(Mediatek Helio P10)
AnTuTu 45.880 points
3D Mark Slingshot: 421 points
Ice Storm Unlimited: 10,922 points
Ice Storm Extreme: 6,569 points
PC Mark Work: 4,227 points
Storage: 2,976 points
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 3,194 points
Multicore: 2,360 points
Metal: 1,255 points
Geekbench 3 Single-core: 836 points
Multi-core: 3,207 points


 image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/wolder-wiam-65-benchmarks/2″>  image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/wolder-wiam-65-benchmarks/4″>  image01

If we only look at the benchmark tests, Wiam 65 is well behind the leading terminals that have more powerful chips, but on paper everything looks black, is in practice where we note that that Helio P10 offers fluid performance it is up to the needs of the average user may have.

It does not give any problems when using the most common applications such as messaging, social networking or image editors. we have not noticed failures in working with many apps at the same time and 3GB of RAM are more than enough in common use scenarios. What we have noticed we are that Wiam 65 is heated, sometimes more than we would like.

Wolder Wiam 65

in addition to the benchmark, so we tested with some games claiming many system resources, such as Asphalt 8 Airborne, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, which incidentally is specially designed for Qualcomm processors, and of course the game of the moment: Pokémon Go.

The processor gets to move these games without any problem, but there is a constant in the high temperature . Despite having an aluminum chassis, heat is concentrated in the top half where the camera is placed and sometimes reaches quite uncomfortable levels, especially if we go down the street hunting Pokémon with this summer heat.

However, the Helio P10 is not usually overheat and we must not lose sight that we are talking about the first units of this model. Nevertheless, it has never been my closures caused by heat and only happens with very demanding applications, the temperature is kept at bay in most situations .

The Android experience prevails

Wolder Android

the Wiam 65 series comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and keeps the essence of the stock version of the platform with little bloatware standard, a success especially if you look at these visual layers so loaded with other brands, rather than assuming a better eventually undermine the user experience platform.

In early versions had more sense that manufacturers provide an additional interface to enhance the platform, but Android has evolved a lot since then and currently its Design Material interface offers more added very intuitive you do not need and in Wolder so they have understood, so we have no complaints about it. The speed of the updates put the icing on the cake, but so far we do not know how they will deal with this matter before the imminent arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat.


No But there is a change in the usual configuration of Android which is quite confusing and has to do with virtual buttons that are located below the screen. As mentioned in paragraph design, Wolder has placed a button touch start offscreen to have decorated with a LED very original notifications, but this change affects the configuration of virtual buttons , instead of the usual three become four -five adding the Home key.

On the screen is the menu button, multitasking, reverse and a final button to hide them. The result is a botonera excessively loaded and unnecessary , but neither is a serious problem and in a few days we got used to that having so many buttons.

Wolder Big Button

With regard to apps, brings Wolder tool we already knew from previous models and is none other than Big Button . Within this application, which incidentally comes by default in the home screen, we can use different promotions as two free months on the books app 24symbols six months of Panda Security or two months Wuaki TV.

Big Button addition, the company also includes direct access to the store Wolder and with it ends the bloatware included in this smartphone. With 32GB capacity no space problems , but also is appreciated that the terminal comes not loaded with additional apps that in most cases did not use.

Large Battery with fast loading, but half

Wolder Wiam 65

Being a phablet you have advantages, not only facing the visual experience. A wide screen means that the terminal is larger and therefore more space for a more solvent battery, but in the case of Wiam 65 adequate figure their performance remains in 3000 mAh , without But it is somewhat just considering the weight reaches the terminal. But let’s what matters, which is the autonomy offered.

Wolder battery Wiam 65

The 65 Wiam offers a proper autonomy, or excessively prolonged nor do we have left lying . If we moderate use and connect to wireless networks whenever possible, Wiam 65 may be up to two days without visiting the plug, but yes, if you plan to go out and capture Pokémon you will get rid of not carrying an external battery with you, and it is that the game is a consuming battery in the making.

With regard to the load, the P10 Helio chip has support for fast charging of Mediatek, although charger that is included in the box does not support with this system, so we have not noticed any improvement in this regard. What we have received is (again) a significant rise in temperature when the terminal is charging, although in this case the heat is more divided and not noticeable as hot as when it comes from the processor.

Wolder Wiam # 65, the opinion of Engadget Android

Wolder Wiam 65

the competition in this smartphone is becoming more complicated day and even more in the saturated medium segment. The appearance of the “mid-range premium”, which falls this Wiam 65, is a clear proof that to highlight must go beyond an attractive price , you also have to provide designs quality and features traditionally reserved for high-end as was the case with fingerprint sensors, always without losing sight of a balanced technical profile that gives us a good user experience.

It is not a simple task, but the 65 Wiam get out unscathed in most points with design as one of the highlights . It is the first thing that comes to us through the eye and conveys good feelings right out of the box, feelings are kept to test hardware that without being the most advanced, meets the expectations of a mobile of your price range.

Obviously there are upgradable sections, especially the chamber and the temperature problem that has given us more of a headache (especially in our Poké-outs), but overall the Wiam 65 leaves us very good taste and is the confirmation that the Spanish company has taken a turn in the right address.

Like any other mobile level, the greatest difficulty facing the fight Wiam 65 is a segment in which there are more options and can be difficult to stand out in the crowded storefront. By contrast, its biggest advantage over its competitors, especially those coming from China, is support and warranty repair within three days.


Design 8
Display 8.25
Performance 7.25
Cameras 7
Software 8
Autonomy 7.5


  • large clear screen
  • Good finishes
  • fluid Performance for day to day
  • Good quality / price
  • fingerprint reader


  • Overheating occasional
  • upgradeable Cameras

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Wolder Wiam # 65, analysis: a solid proposal, especially in design
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August 9, 2016

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