Woxter Zielo S10: Analysis and user experience

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Woxter is a Spanish company with a wide range of products, from computer accessories, to eBook readers, cables or sticks Android TV, although he also found smartphones and tablets with our favorite mobile OS. In particular, their line of mobile phones are grouped under one category called Zielo, and this entry we bring our experience and analysis Woxter Zielo S10. This smartphone is one of recent brand manufacturers, filed ago just a couple of months and is aimed at those looking to consume multimedia content on a large screen and especially with a very small weight and thickness.

Review of Woxter Zielo S10

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As always, before beginning our analysis, we will do a review by the technical characteristics of this Zielo S10 . It contains a large 5-inch screen HD resolution (1280 × 720 pixels), the Mediatek MT6582 processor is a 1.2GHz quad-core that performs well during the day but chokes when to run more demanding games.

1GB of RAM found memory, almost a standard for mid-range and 8GB of internal storage, but luckily for those who want to get more music , and other videos, has microSD slot. The camera has a 8MP CMOS sensor with flash, then analyze that and the front is 5MP. For the rest, the fair rides Zielo S10 2000mAh battery removable supports DualSIM has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and operates under Android 4.2.2 Custom by Woxter.

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Woxter Zielo S10 Specifications

    • 5 Inch HD Display

      Mediatek MT6582

    • Processor 1.2GHz quad-core
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB internal storage + microSD slot
    • 8MP rear camera with flash and 5MP front
    • Battery 2000mAh
    • WiFi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, DualSIM
    • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean designed by Woxter
    • thickness 6.7mm and weight only 118 grams

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    Design and Construction

    In e l Woxter Zielo S10 found a large terminal, higher than other 5-inch smartphones. This is because the reduction work edges and bevels is not the best, especially since the top and bottom there plenty which directly affects the total size. Actually your design is very simple, the front is completely covered by the glass that also hides the screen.

    No has buttons physical, are Capacitive and are, backlit that of Back, Home and Menu, so, to access Android multitasking is necessary to hold the Home.

    Woxter Zielo S10_02

    Part back, that is removable is made of fairly thin plastic matt, but with nice soft touch. The camera protrudes a few millimeters from the upper left corner, leaving the flash on it. Speaker is also in this back and unfortunately, being flat, is completely covered to support the terminal on a flat surface. On the sides are the volume buttons and On , whose touch is much improved, as have just travel when pressed and often doubt if you’ve actually done.

    Highlights of Zielo S10 is its weight and thickness . The truth is it’s a really light smartphone with only 118 grams that suggest if the battery wears or not, and with the thickness of 6.7 mm is very comfortable carried in pockets despite its size.

     Woxter Zielo S10_01 Woxter Zielo S10_03  Woxter Zielo S10_07  Woxter Zielo S10_06


    As mentioned, the S10 Zielo Woxter screen has a diagonal of 5 inches HD resolution (1280 × 720) . Maybe let the FullHD missing, but given the price of the terminal (just over 200 €) and short battery of 2000mAh, the HD panel is a good choice. Brightness level is high, can see no problems relating to direct sunlight, but it also stands out. The viewing angles are good, correct, although it has a yellowish tint true which makes are not very pure white.

    Woxter Zielo S10_13

    Woxter included in this terminal OGS technology (One Glass Solution) Screen, which involves the removal of one of the layers, giving the feeling of having more near the screen with vivid colors while reducing the overall weight a few grams.


     Woxter Zielo S10_04

    Mounts a 8MP CMOS sensor the more technical details are not given and gives acceptable results for a terminal of its kind. A broad daylight and with good lighting Pics are fine, the colors are not bad, though perhaps a little lacking in contrast, saturation and above all a tad more definition .

    In indoors, shooting in Auto mode starts to abuse noise and as it goes down the light is more obvious. Finally, a camera that complies with a fast focus, continuous shooting up to 99 photos and is enhanced by the full camera software.

     Woxter Zielo S10_12

    From the App menu Chamber have access to exposure settings, scenes, change ISO and HDR modes, Face Beauty (softens skin), panorama, smile detection and more. Meanwhile the front camera with 5MP will those fans selfies. Here you have a photo gallery taken with Woxter Zielo S10 , you can here to see them full size.

     IMG_20140331_133405  IMG_20140322_215734  IMG_20140321_161739  IMG_20140321_141419

     IMG_20140323_105932  IMG_20140323_105909  IMG_20140413_144315  IMG_20140322_220021

    Experience use and software

    The operation of Zielo S10 in day to day is satisfactory for normal use messaging, social networking, office automation meets fine, it’s not an arrow or behaves like a high-end, of course, but the Quad Core Mediatek and 1GB RAM do their work. gaming performance is not the best , it stuck pretty in titles like Asphalt 8 and therefore it’s down to a minimum quality to play fluently, so is less demanding as the other Angry Birds Go. For games that require fewer resources runs smoothly.

    Woxter Zielo S10_11

    For the system in general is fast, but sometimes presents some lag and heaviness when switching between applications. Recall that Android 4.2.2 is designed by Woxter and perhaps this layer, which is found mostly in menus, notification area icons and native apps as the marker or the calculator is not the prettiest or most optimized.

    penalty that has not opted for newer versions of Android given its departure, and see if just getting an update system . With regard to proprietary software, there is not much to write except gesture control way to get around the gallery and launcher apps, change music and take pictures by simply swiping your hand across the sensor Front proximity.

    Woxter system caps

    Performance and


    As mentioned in the previous appliance make performance is balanced in general use, strip most applications unless the most advanced games of the moment. If you are a lover of the number here we leave the results benchmarks or performance test AuTuTu, Vellamo and Quadrant, though again notify are just numbers and very high (or very low) that are not referring to the experience of actual use.

     benchmarks Woxter Zielo s10 Vellamo Woxter Zielo s10

    Battery and autonomy

    The battery of Woxter Zielo S10 has a capacity of 2000mAh and is removable removing the housing rear. A priori it seems pretty fair considering the large 5-inch screen, but the fact that it is “only” HD helps autonomy does not crash. With actual use messaging, social networking, email, some web browsing and some calls, you can go without too many problems for a day.

    Woxter Zielo S10_16

    If you squeeze a little more, consuming multimedia content, GPS navigation, a game and brightness high, will not hold as much and will be required recharge to reach the full day. In our tests, in addition, a process was “caught” on standby, but did not make the standby time is desplomase.

    s10 battery Woxter Zielo Woxter Zielo drums 2 s10


    In general, the Spanish manufacturer has done a good job in this terminal. Keep in mind that the Zielo S10 costs only € 219 free ( from your site ), but for that price has serious rivals like the Motorola Moto G, which remains almost unbeatable in this price range.

    favor the S10 is its large screen, despite being HD looks great and has a high gloss. In point of connectivity is well served, including NFC and although the finishes are not premium (not quality materials), at least it’s nice and soft plastic Touch .

    Notes Woxter Zielo S10 review The design is simple but elegant, and although it’s a bit old size, thickness and tremendous lightness on its side and is very convenient to carry.

    Against him is the Adjusted battery, internal short space applications (only 1GB free) and custom interface, which leaves a bit to be desired but luckily this can be changed with launcher or other customization options.

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    Woxter Zielo S10: Analysis and user experience
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