Xbox One and PS4 anticipates lower its price in Spain

Xbox One and PS4 anticipates low price in Spain

Microsoft has confirmed the lower price of the Xbox One now starts at 349.99 euros.

While Rumors point to a lower price of the PS4 the wake of Japan, Microsoft has left doubts and announced a price drop to the level of what was estimated for the Japanese company. Thus, taking advantage of the momentum within the console of Redmond, one of the most promising recent years catalogs, console price will be reduced by about 50 euros.

It will be a from tomorrow October 21, when the Xbox One can purchase at authorized dealers Spain from € 349.99 for the 500GB version, and from € 399.99 for 1TB , both in Kinect.La modality without price cut also extends to the most popular console packs in 500GB version which includes game console + 349.99 euros style The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Halo: MCC or Sunset Overdrive or pack with the latest developments as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or FIFA 16 by € 369.99 .

In addition, and with the arrival of Rise of the Tomb Raider or” Fallout 4 “, packs will go on sale in the coming weeks at a price of € 399.99, but if Versions of Xbox One as the Limited Edition 1TB, or the issue of Forza Motorsport 6 1TB, its price will be placed at € 449.99.


Xbox One and PS4 anticipates lower its price in Spain
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October 20, 2015

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