Xiaomi Watch Color is the new smartwatch from the chinese company, its first product launched in 2020

We already know of plenty of extensive and unique catalog of the chinese giant Xiaomi and, as it can not be otherwise, the firm will continue to conquistándonos with their products this year. The first product to see the light in 2020 is the Xiaomi Watch Color, the new smartwatch circular of the company goes on sale this Friday at China and that was announced this week in your profile Weibo.Xiaomi Watch Color it’s official in the page china of the signature and can be purchased there. Their main target seems to be call the attention of the younger audience, due to its eye-catching colors and an attractive price to pockets a little narrow: it costs 799 yuan, which is equivalent to about 102,72 € .The new smartwatch Xiaomi is one screen AMOLED HD circular of 1.39 inches with framework mesaacero stainless and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. Unlike other products of the company –as their smartwatches of the line Amazfit, is a available in a single size of 46.2 x 53,3 x 11,4 mm -excluding straps and outbound-.As we said, Xiaomi has opted for your new clock for an eye catching design and colorful: the company claims that you can choose between 1.540 colors, although the reality is that they are not exactly 1.540 colors, but 1.540 possible combinations, thanks to the 110 areas and the 7 colors of straps available -blue, black, red, orange, green, and white silicone or a crocodile-leather-. The crown of the watch is available in silver grey or black.To get to the optimistic figure that announce, from Xiaomi propose not only to merge fields and belts but also use belts with different colors on each end-the clock includes in the box a single strap of silicone, the rest of the straps must be purchased separately-. In addition, they promise that soon there will be new areas available.In terms of the battery, is a 420 mAh. With this capability, according to Xiaomi, the watch could 14 days of typical use, 22 days in saving mode batteries and 22 hours using it to full performance recording sporting activities.Is certified with a resistance of 5 atmospheres -equivalent to a depth of 50 meters under the water-temperatures of -10ºC to 45ºC and is prepared to do follow-up of 10 sport modes: running, biking, mountain, hiking, treadmill, bike, elliptical, walk, fitness, swimming and swimming, competitive sports.Account both with Bluetooth 5.0 BLE as NFC -supports more than 200 trips in bus and subway – and with built-in sensors that include heart rate monitor, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic sensor, barometer and ambient light sensor. These allow you to monitor the body energy, offer training breathing, to detect and measure the stress, control, and analyze the dream and make a follow-up of the heart rate 24 hours a day.These services are offered in the smartwatch version is high-end Xiaomi and for this reason also, this product is more expensive -1.999 yuan, a few 256,90€ -.Some critics argue that the new smart watch from Xiaomi is a enhanced version of the highly successful bracelet activity My Band, which is already in its fourth generation, and that in Spain it is the smartband best-selling.The main difference with this would be your area and the size of the same, since many of the features that brings Watch Color were already included in the latest version of the bracelet of activity, that in addition it costs much less -34,99 euro-.
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Xiaomi Watch Color is the new smartwatch from the chinese company, its first product launched in 2020
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January 3, 2020

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