“Yesterday I was killed,” the letter by the Argentine killed in Ecuador

 "Yesterday killed me," the letter by Argentine killed in Ecuador

“How a woman will travel alone?”

It is called Guadalupe Acosta, study Communication Sciences in Paraguay, and is the author of the letter in first person he does not talk about herself, but Marina and Maria Jose, the two young Argentineans who were killed while they were traveling in Ecuador .

in a text that puts the willies, Guadalupe denounces the covert sexism, how to blame the girls for what happened, blaming overall women cases of gender violence. In their dress, their companions, to the places they go. original letter was shared on Facebook, where it has been shared more than 650,000 times.

Yesterday killed me.

I refused to touch me with a stick and I blew the skull. I got stabbed and left to die bled. Waste which got me a black polyethylene bag, wrapped with duct tape and was thrown to a beach, where hours later they found me. But worse than death, was the humiliation that followed.

From the time I had my dead body nobody asked where the son of a bitch I just with my dreams was, my hopes, my life. No, rather they started asking me useless questions. To me, you imagine? a dead, who can not speak, they can not defend themselves.

What clothes were you?
Why you walked alone?
How will a woman traveling alone?
you got into a dangerous neighborhood, what do you expect?
quizzed my parents for giving me wings, to let independent, like any human being. They said sure and we looked drugged andabamos, something we did, We should have had them watched.

And just dead I realized that no, that I am not the world like a man. That death was my fault, it will always be. While if the headline said travelers were killed two young people would be discussing their condolences and their false and hypocritical double standard speech would demand higher penalty for murderers.

But being a woman, it is minimized. It becomes less severe, because of course I looked around me. Doing what I wanted to find my deserved for not being submissive, not wanting to stay at home, to invest my own money in my dreams. For that and more, I was sentenced.

And I grieved, because I’m no longer here. But you if you are. And you’re a woman. And you got to bancarte you keep rubbing the same speech “earn respect,” it’s your fault you scream that you want to play / lick / suck any of your genitals on the street for wearing a short 40-degree heat, that you if traveling alone’re a “crazy” and very likely if you pass something, if trampled upon your rights, you asked for it.

I ask you for myself and for all women to whom we quieted we silenced, we shat life and dreams, you raise your voice. We will fight, I with you in spirit, and I promise that we will one day be so, that there will be much enough bags to keep quiet at all.


“Yesterday I was killed,” the letter by the Argentine killed in Ecuador
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March 5, 2016

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