You can turn your Android into a ChromeCast with CheapCast

Chromecast-04 On Saturday, we published a story for a great alternative to allowing ChromeCast turn any Android device into a ChromeCast without having to purchase the new Google gadget without root or complications, connecting only the device to the TV is via Mini-HDMI or MHL application from Sebastian Mauer, CheapCast.

Just two days after we have available CheapCast application as we announced the author through his Google+ account and, although it is very green and polishing improvements remain as can enjoy streaming from our mobile or tablet to Android we had in the drawer, a great way to recycle our old androids!.

To make it work, so just have to install this application on an Android device and connect it to your TV both MHL HDMI as if it supports any of these connections . Once connected and activated CheapCast server, we can see it from the context menu of some applications. The first thing you have to do is assign a name to your device, so we can identify the first and connect to the device, once assigned a name activate the server even if we wish we can make default in each Server restart is activated automatically.

Having done all this we turn to Google Play Music or other applications like YouTube and on top we will have the option of connecting to another device where we can see our new “ChromeCast” virtual. Keep in mind that is very early, almost alpha so testing with only application I got it to work Google Play Music and so play my music to television but others such as YouTube, despite connect properly when played back, this is not carried out.

You see, CheapCast is too young but if we can get an idea of ​​the potential have this application and will ChromeCast when it’s released. The author promises to prompt improvements in future versions, taking into account the speed that has led since he announced until it became available worldwide, you think .

cheapcast If you want to try or begin to see how will be the next ChromeCast when you leave our country, and you can do g hanks to CheapCast and your old phone

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You can turn your Android into a ChromeCast with CheapCast
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August 12, 2013

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