You were missing a ‘Alaska and Mario’? MTV prepares fourth season

Alaska Mario

Fans of that hilarious reality that was “Alaska and Mario” (which, of course, myself included) we are in luck, because today we met great news: the channel MTV issued a fourth season of the show after seeing his career was cut short when the channel He stopped emitting open.

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The Terrat and is preparing the production of a recording would begin shortly , taking advantage of the festive period summer. As you recall, in addition to see the daily life of this couple, the season of the show focused on a single event as was his wedding in the first season, his honeymoon in the second or the 50th birthday of Alaska in the third. We do not know what to try this fourth season, so bets are allowed


Of course, one of the attractions of “Alaska and Mario ‘was to see all that crazy universe around them, from friends as Fabio McNamara Topacio Fresh or components of the Nancys Rubias: the Favor, Juanpe, Marta … And, in fact, the success of space even led to creating a YouTube channel, which held a peculiar Tea Party with guests.

We missed a ‘Alaska and Mario’ and that find good characters for these realities it is not easy. But when it is hit with the protagonist, success seems assured. We are used to this type of space in American TV, with Osbourne or the Kardashian family as the main focus, but in Spain, other proposals such as’ We Tamara love ‘did not have much impact

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