“Your battery will drain at 11:33 am”: this is how Android P will avoid you being left without power by surprise

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improvements in the energy efficiency are a classic in the presentations of any new technology, either in solutions by hardware or by software. We all want to squeeze out the maximum our batteries and companies want to reduce costs.

The ultimate goal of such optimization for the end-user is to reach the end of the day, without the unpleasant surprise of having run without a battery. Google has introduced in this Google I/O 2018 several methods with which to achieve it.

Better battery management

The battery management Android P The management of the battery, another improvement in Android P which in turn reduces the CPU usage.

At Google I/O we have seen new very smart about energy management. For a start, the ‘Adaptative Battery‘. It is the new management of the apps in the background according to their use, with the App Standby Buckets, in addition to showing in the first of those applications that you use more often.

With these additions, Google ensures that they have managed to 30% reduction in the amount of requests to the processor, with all the energy savings that this implies.

Adaptive Brightness

in Addition, Android P includes the call Adaptive Brightness: with this functionality, the brightness of the display adapts automatically by artificial intelligence, not only to improve the detection of the lighting conditions, but also by adding our customs and needs.

Notifications more relevant

The next evolution of the operating system of Android, Android P, it also includes different methods for making notifications to be most useful when they report on our use of the battery.

Android P hour battery exhausted How to point it in Android Police, Android P we will inform you on the approximate time in which it will drain the battery.

For example, the notifications that will warn us not only that the battery is next to get low fully, but added information on what time it is expected that it runs out exactly, as they have detected the co Android Police.


The notifications that we see so often are a lot less necessary. In the Google I/O we have already announced that we will see constantly that reoccurring notice on the existence of applications spending our battery background.

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Another added to save battery power, while we continue reporting on their use, is the status bar: no, you won’t see more of orange color when we enter the mode ‘battery Saving‘. This mode is off once we begin to load the device again.

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“Your battery will drain at 11:33 am”: this is how Android P will avoid you being left without power by surprise
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May 9, 2018

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