Five reasons to see ‘100’

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    Warning : You can find spoilers of the two issued seasons, so that it careful reading.

    Today is January 28 and Syfy Spain, the third season in a series that it was not easy to succeed premieres . He came noisily and raising expectations, and we know how dangerous it can be. But with the passage of time, ‘Los 100 ‘has proven its quality and, therefore, is among our favorites.

    The CW has become more interesting with a number of projects that are achieving conquer and draw attention its evolution as a channel: superheroes are your main course, with fictions as’ Arrow‘, ‘ The Flash ‘ or the newly released ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ but sure many mark ‘The 100’ as a great turning point. Here are five reasons you encourage them to give him a chance , if you have not already done so


    1) A post-apocalyptic world


    The premise of the series is more interesting: A nuclear cataclysm requires the humanity to escape the Earth and living in space. 100 years later, the Ark conditions are becoming more difficult and its inhabitants decided to bring 100 of its members longed to Earth. There will have to survive in a place as desired and dangerous.

    A journey into the unknown, that’s what these guys are raised. Nobody has prepared them to live on a planet that actually should be home, but in not knowing what they will find. A curious paradox of an entire world of constant discovery and in the aftermath of what drove them into exile are always present.

    2) Characters complex


    One of the fears that, a priori, could feel the opportunity to give this series was the fact that closely resembled a product designed for the teen audience: very good good and very bad bad. Nothing further away from reality. ‘100’ presents a human group in which complexity and nuance are very present.

    The convoluted existence on Earth, the hard life in the Ark .. . survival, after all, raise many moral questions that have multiple faces and make us reflect on what we would. These decisions on what is right, are building the new society and grow to characters that are, above all, very human.

    3) The earthling life

     Groundersindra 2x03

    Not only have our protagonists. Life on Earth will gradually uncovering, showing many survivors who have maintained a peculiar society. Earthlings, with this very primitive way to organize, with the eagerness to fight , but also to seek justice, heroes are soon to be taken into account.

    Furthermore, the inhabitants of Mount Weather, like a revisiting of the story of ‘La casita de chocolate’, as sophisticated, cultured and educated, representing so terrified by his confinement social model to become the worst enemies for the very being plateemos human and make us what is really civilization?

    4) Many twists and surprises

     100 3

    Something very positive that you can always say of a series is that it is entertaining, agile, fast … All these qualities can apply the the ‘100’ in which no filler episodes and who dares to launch the plot forward, with all the risk for their characters, no matter how difficult it is to solve the approach.

    talk of this series, we can not take our mind ‘Lost’, a fiction in which a group of strangers also landed in an inhospitable place. Well, like this, ‘100’ it is a fiction specializing in high end , in thrilling clifhangers pushing us to see one chapter after another.

    5) Do not patriarchy


    One of the things that personally I like about the series is the equality It arises between men and women . Although we could say more, women are bold, bright and brave, and have a role that is appreciated. Clarke, Abigail, Octavia, Raven, Anya, Lexa … are strong and determined and we provide estupendísimos times.

    Tele Go! | Por which you should give it a try the ‘100’

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    Five reasons to see ‘100’
    January 28, 2016

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