Fuchsia OS, the future operating system from Google, will be compatible with Android apps

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    Fuchsia OS, the future operating system from Google, will be compatible with Android apps

    That Google is working on an alternative operating system to Android (Fuchsia OS) since a couple of years ago is no secret. We know that your interface is called Armadillo, they will use the kernel Marcasite (developed from scratch by Google) and that your plan is to be the platform for get the convergence of the time-it has been talked about.

    Fuchsia OS should work on phones, tablets, computers and laptops. The interface can be adapted to the screen and we would have a kind of single operating system for all devices. Sounds good, but is useless for an operating system if you do not have applications that offer the user. This will not be a problem with what’s new with the Big G, and is that a new modification to the source code of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) allows us to glimpse that Fuchsia OS it will be compatible with apicaciones Android.

    A special version of ART running apps on Android

    added a file “README” in the repository “device/google/fuchsia” in order to explain what is the purpose of the same. You can read the following:

    “These targets are used to create ART for Fuchsia. They differ from the Android devices usual, which are not directed to specific hardware. Will produce a package magenta (file .far)”

    it Seems that Fuchsia will use a special version of ART (Android Runtime) that you can install on any device. Stated another way, the files .FAR point to be the equivalent of the APK files in Android, but bigger.

    let’s understand: otherwise. The same application format .FAR is compatible with any device that use Google Fuchsia OS because it adapts to the screen. It is a kind of universal format. The same app that you use on your mobile (let’s say WhatsApp) may be used in the computer, and vice versa.

    The files .FAR would be the equivalent to the APK on Android

    The transition to a new operating system is not straightforward, but the fact that this system is compatible with the Android apps might make the task easier. The current goal would be to launch the first device is connected with Fuchsia OS to 2021, delaying their expansion to laptops and smartphones to 2023.

    Via | 9to5Google

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    Google Fuchsia OS: everything we know about the operating system meant to happen to Android

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    Fuchsia OS, the future operating system from Google, will be compatible with Android apps
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    January 3, 2019

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