Google announces two tools to help ensure internet safety

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    • Google has become your Security Checkup at a personal adviser of safety.
    • on the other hand, is proven protection predictive against ‘phishing’ in Chrome.


    Aware of the growing interest and concern that exists and about safety on the internet, Google has presented two new tools of protection that are intended to protect the user’s data permanently, as it will be updated constantly

    This improvement of protection are an update of the Security Checkup Google and new protections against phishing in Chrome.

    instead of supplying a list of data verification, the same for all users, the Security Checkup is now converted into a custom guide.The visit, the user will see automatically your security status (a green check means that you can continue, and a yellow exclamation point or red indicates that there is, at least, an issue that should be addressed.

    Security Checkup becomes in this way in a personal adviser of safety in addition to will continue to evolve as do the threats, which will enable it to provide advice on security relevant and up to date with which to keep the accounts safe.

    The second best is the protection predictive against phishing in Chrome. The service to Google’s safe browsing (Google Safe Browsing) has been for a decade the best defense in the Chrome against the attacks of phishing. The system protects more than 3000 million devices every day, showing warnings to users before you visit dangerous sites or download harmful files.

    Safe Browsing has explored always the internet to detect dangerous sites but, if you create and use a site to phishing to make an attack at later times, even the tools of exploration faster is not being able to warn users with the agility sufficient.

    With the accumulation of experience, Google is now able to perform estimates of the risks in real-time. Have used this knowledge to test in Chrome the new protections predictive against phishing. Very soon, when the user enter your user name and password of Google on a site that the company suspected that can be done with your personal information, they will go into additional protections to ensure the security of your account.


    Google announces two tools to help ensure internet safety
    October 17, 2017

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