Google prepares a Chromecast with built-in Bluetooth

Chromecast 2

The small Chromecast is a device that has many, many possibilities for the entertainment and the audiovisual to any device that has an HDMI input. There is No device more comfortable to post, send and view content in streaming.

As we prepare to discover the Android Stick, a solution that is independent of the mobile phone to compete with the Fire TV Stick, Google is already making moves towards the next evolution of the popular Chromecast.

so that we can check on the documents that Google has submitted to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and that you can check here if you’re curious, the most remarkable of the next generation of Chromecast is that it will include Bluetooth connection.

The Bluetooth technology would open the doors of the Chromecast to enable interconnection with other interesting devices, as it can be a joystick wireless which allows them to enjoy their fun games with any command or a ariculares without cable to listen to the videos and sounds of games without disturbing the rest of the house. Google has not made any comment on that or the document submitted in the FCC adds potential applications of this new.

Chromecast 2 do Not expect any more changes to this model of the Chromecast.

This would be the fourth evolution of the Chromecast though without any other change highlighted with regard the previous Chromecast 2 of 2015. This is the first time that a Chromecast will accept wireless connections beyond the WiFi signal. Specifically, wireless Bluetooth 2.4 Ghz in addition Bluetooth LE low energy.

While the previous Chromecast included the chips Bluetooth, these were never activated by bureaucratic matters and regulatory. In fact, Google specifies in the same document filed at the FCC that the previous model will not be updated with those connections. The name of the new model remains the same but with a B added to the end, NC2-6A5B. This comes to confirm the idea that do not expect more changes on this device.

This could be one of the new features that Google this morning in its conference for developers Google I/O of the, as you move forward, we hope the many news. Although, it might be an evolution minor, we do not rule out that Google will present major innovations in its streaming solutions, and other developments in its hub of household devices connected to it, the application Google Home.

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Google prepares a Chromecast with built-in Bluetooth