How to customize the voice commands of the Wizard of Google

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    Shortcuts Wizard

    The Wizard of Google hides a function that allows us to create our voice commands, to perform certain actions more quickly and easily.

    This function is called Shortcuts, and with it you can do things like tell the wizard that we’re going to take a nap so that we wake up to the half hour, tell him that it is time to train for that we put our music training and much more.

    Create a voice command custom

    Shortcuts Wizard

    For create custom commands we have to open the Wizard of Google and click on the compass icon that appears in the top right to access the section Explore. There we have to open the tab for some of the voice commands. Then we got down to the end of the tab to be able to access the Manage shortcuts.

    Shortcuts Wizard

    There go to the option Shortcuts. Here we can say what we want to do the Wizard of Google when let’s say a question or phrase. We can write different phrases for the same action.

    At the time of writing our voice command we have to be careful with the accents, sometimes the wizard does not put them during the dictation, so that sometimes we have to write some words without accents.

    At the bottom of the section Shortcuts we are the customizations more popular, but only in English. You only need to translate into Spanish the actions that we see as useful to use in our language.

    Manage your custom commands

    Shortcuts Wizard

    we Can turn on and off when we want our own custom voice commands. By opening the tab of our command we can edit or delete it forever.

    Shortcuts Wizard

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    How to customize the voice commands of the Wizard of Google
    August 20, 2018

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