How to silence publications of friends and pages of Facebook for 30 days

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    The main objective of the social network, Facebook is to stay connected with friends, family, businesses, brands, blogs, programs, celebrities, politicians… receiving every day their status updates with what they are doing, their updates, news… flooding our feed with their publications, and sometimes someone can go with the publications.

    Until now if you had a friend or family member who suddenly became very heavy and does not stop to count almost in real time your life or get our feed with videos chorras we only had the option to stop following and stop to see their publications, but now Facebook is launching a new option storm: mute the publications for 30 days.

    Silence a friend or page for 30 days


    With the new version of Facebook for Android we can silence, or as I call the application, pause, the publications of a person or page to not see any post of yours more in our feed for a period of 30 days.

    To do this so you only need to enter our feed and when we see the publication of a person or page, so you just have to click on the three dots and tap on the new option Pause for 30 days. From that time during a month will not see any of his publications.

    Return to continue publications


    If before the 30 days we change our minds and we want to receive in our feed the publications of that person or that page so we’ll just enter their profile and tap on the icon Paused and then in the menu that will appear in the lower part touch Reactivated. So we’ll be back to see your posts again in our feed.

    More information | Facebook
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    How to silence publications of friends and pages of Facebook for 30 days
    December 18, 2017

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