‘Inside No 9’: an anthology of black humor, horror and eccentricity distinctly british

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    The lucky ones who have tasted ‘The League of Gentlemen’ or ‘Psychoville’, they will know what to expect from ‘Inside No 9’, at least in general terms. the Mood deep black line up the opaque, side quirky, references to the classical culture of the british, mofa and befa of the customs of the middle class and the hypocrisies of daily life and two constants essential: the writers and performers Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

    how difficult it is to define his previous works as this one, but let’s leave that were comedies black, so much so that at times bordered on the horror cruel purely English, and that roamed around the village life of the countryside in the case of ‘The League of Gentlemen’ and five characters disparate extorted by the same anonymous in the case of ‘Psychoville’. Only with those slight synopsis you can already infer the high level of eccentricity, comedy, buffa and winks satirical in their previous projects, but this time multiply the stories: in ‘Inside No 9’ each episode is independent.

    Netflix premieres this series now has four seasons on BBC and is charged with a fifth, and will be accessible each batch of six half-hour episodes of progressively. The first two are already online and we’ve seen the first in its integrity to tell you what you can expect from this new project of Shearsmith and Pemberton.

    In the artistic results, few surprises: it is as bright and ominous as their previous series. The novelties come with the content.

    What is certain is that the brief format, half-hour episodes, it is perfect for the stories that drink as much of the gadgets of suspense classic ‘Alfred Hitchcock presents’ as the dark fantasies of the ‘Gallery night’ of Rod Serling. Passing, of course, by the inevitable ‘Black Mirror’, which in some moments ‘Inside No 9’ could be considered as its analog version. Since then, it’s more than possible that the legendary first episode of the first season of the series of Charlie Brooker, ‘The National Anthem’, would please them greatly to the creators of ‘Inside No 9’.

    ‘Inside No 9’: you’ll freeze the smile on the lips

    Without a doubt, the great virtue of ‘Inside No 9’ is that, although all the stories have in common a sense of humour, the macabre and the presence of one or two (usually both) of the creators in the distribution, their settings and tones can vary. Is a box of chocolates in that you don’t know what you’re going to play (almost always you get the stocks for bears), and each episode is so arbitrary and unpredictable as the slightest bond that gives title to the series: they all start with a 9, which can be the door of a dressing room, a hotel room or the number of a floor.

    that way, touch the history of supernatural horror and the silent comedy, going through customs, grotesque or humor with traces of social critique. For example, the first chapter, ‘Sardines’ one of the wildest on the conceptual level, despite its apparent innocence, is perfect for enjoying the extremes to which you can reach the series, and also its main strengths: a cast of powerful, unexpected twists, conciseness absolute in the number of characters and scenarios and humor perhaps not for all tastes. In it, a group of guests to a party, agree to participate in a childish game of ghoulish connotations.

    But the series, now in its boot, knows to surprise with a turn of one hundred eighty degrees, which leads to a second chapter completely mute, a level of sophistication humorous extraordinary. It is an idea that the creators had for an episode of ‘Psychoville’ that could not be done. From there of everything: of fiddling with terminal diseases to conspiracies theatre would have liked to Roald Dahl wrote for adults (the british series ‘tales of the Unexpected’ that he adapted their stories is another of the clear referents of ‘Inside No 9’).

    The result is a true delight for the devotees of humour more English than sarcastic, fans of the fantastic angular and atmospheres ominous and collectors of final turns with sense and sensibility. If the terror and suspense television you think that you are going by the twists and turns foreseeable, perhaps you prefer a good dose of candy poisoned with a flavor of Great Britain.

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    ‘Inside No 9’: an anthology of black humor, horror and eccentricity distinctly british
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    September 11, 2018

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