Let there be no food for the entire population and other myths about world hunger

Let there be no food for the entire population and other myths hunger in the world

Many of the preconceptions we have about hunger in the world are not true nowhere near and would do well to discard them as soon as possible.

it is not the first time I sad and vexatious that is the contrast between the progressive increase of obesity in people of the fully industrialized countries, and even in the way of those development and the situation of people die hungry or sick from malnutrition and also just dying for it. href=”http://hipertextual.com/archivo/2010/09/la-nina-famelica-de-kevin-carter/” The abyss that separates them, although is reduced thanks to the href=”http://hipertextual.com/2016/03/desigualdad-de-america-latina” slow decline in extreme poverty rates is something serious enough to not relent in the struggle to eliminate it. To do this, must make a thorough assessment of the situation , such as the , and escape the myths circulating about hunger in the world . the problem of hunger is not food shortages but of physical and economic access to food

the first thing we should say is that hunger and malnutrition are not the same : people suffering the second can eat their fill, but if what they eat lacks nutrients, namely vitamins and minerals especially, their diet is not adequate, their health suffers and, if not corrected in time, will not end well. This occurs because the nutritious food is usually more expensive than one that only supplies of carbohydrates, and results that malnutrition not always behave thinness and eradicate hunger in the world appropriately is not simply that everyone has what mouthing , two very common myths.

As that hunger and malnutrition are when the markets of the countries whose populations suffer them not They have enough food, but the reality is that, normally, people can not afford to eat well or even find it impossible or very difficult to reach markets themselves , ie, the problem is not but shortages access.

 world hunger

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Similarly, commonly thought that hunger and malnutrition are only health problems, but neither is true: with them the school performance of children is reduced when they have the opportunity to learn, their growth is delayed, become weak and sickly adults, and these circumstances, their economic status is less than what could be with a healthy diet because they do not get well-paid jobs , and this leads to lack of productivity and economic growth and “traps countries in a circle of poverty.” 3.5 million children under 5 die from hunger and malnutrition every year

But malnutrition begins to wreak havoc on the poor, not in childhood, but from the moment when a fetus can not develop properly when pregnant women it is not possible to eat well ; and it is this stage and the first years of life crucial to the health of any individual is not flimsy time.

Moreover, many believe that there are other health problems more pressing than the hunger and malnutrition, but the opposite : half of all child deaths worldwide are caused by them, 3.5 million kids who have not reached the age of five die from the same every year, and are associated with eleven percent of the diseases that are suffering on this planet. Moreover, contrary to what used to think, not only related anemia malnutrition is perfectly curable, but proper nutrition prolongs the life of those suffering from the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, AIDS, and lack of it, logically, is the shortened considerably.

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it usually keep in mind that famines are a thing of Africa but if it is true that three of the five countries with the highest chronic malnutrition are Namibia, Zambia and the Central African Republic, the other two are Haiti where nearly half of its population is malnourished, and North Korea, South America and Asia respectively; and the latter continent, along with the South Pacific, is the region that is home to more hungry people href=”http://hipertextual.com/tag/sida” according to the Organization United Nations Food and Agriculture , FAO, on the other hand ensures that since 1990, “the prevalence of undernourishment has been reduced from 18.6 to 10.9 percent level world “, ie, that we are winning the battle for decent food for all. Asia, along with South Pacific is the region most people hungry houses the world, not Africa

Among the international initiatives that aim to provide the necessary means to any country affected by hunger that can suppress the provision of fortified foods is one of them , then increase energy levels and provide micro and macronutrients, so guaranteeing the ideal child growth and good health for all and prevent malnutrition. It need not be href=”http://www.fao.org/hunger/es/” transgenic , but they can be smoothly as golden rice, which was compiled href=”http://hipertextual.com/2011/10/escepticos-los-alimentos-transgenico” universities with public funding, which brings twenty href=”http://irri.org/golden-rice/faqs/are-private-companies-involved-in-the-golden-rice-project” times beta carotene than the original and whose patent was released after for ease of use in countries with chronic malnutrition.

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golden rice compared to white – Northeastern.edu

famines can be predicted . In fact, the system Famine Early Warning or href=”http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v23/n4/abs/nbt1082.html” FEWS NET is dedicated to it, examining the factors meteorology and food production to warn us when they can cause infections. But or natural disasters are directly responsible for hunger and this hangs over the population only during the same : irrigation systems against drought, building roads to reach markets and facilities relevant storage optimize crops, only eight percent of famines are the result of catastrophic events of natural origin and, since 1992, have increased food crises due to human disasters to double its number and a little more. Only 8% of famines are the result of catastrophic events of natural origin

the fight against hunger and malnutrition prevent violent conflict and economic disasters and environmental , because people do not fight for scarce resources, the economy falters countries as well and farmers can grow crops with decent practices and effectively. And in the world food production enough to cater to every human being who inhabits ; the problem is the lack of productive sustainability, unequal distribution and . So, for this and for all the above, we have no excuse not to help politically and personally in this case when we can.


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Let there be no food for the entire population and other myths about world hunger
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