Makes voice notes of WhatsApp on text easily with Voicepop

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    Make voice notes from WhatsApp on text easily with Voicepop

    There are two types of people: those who use the voice notes of WhatsApp for all and those who suffer to those who use voice memos for all-in-WhatsApp. If you’re in the second group, this new application in tests you are interested in: Voicepop.

    If you previously you suggested to use TalkFaster to play the voice messages at a higher speed, the application of today is still better: converts voice messages to text, so you don’t have to put your ear to see what you have just said.

    what Voice? No thanks, I prefer to text

    The premise is not entirely new, as there are other applications able to convert voice messages from WhatsApp text, although yes it is a new alternative, and with a pleasant design. It is so new that it has not yet been officially released, but it appears in the section of early access of Google Play.

    Works similarly to other applications that manipulate the notes of the voice. First you need to install the application, and then use the Share menu Android to open the voice note with Voicepop. To do this you need to make a long tap on the voice note, touch the menu and choose to Share.


    This opens a panel from the bottom of the screen overlaps on WhatsApp. It shows the transcription of the voice note to text, with the advantage that you can quickly return to WhatsApp in order to follow the conversation. As you can see in the following example, the transcription itself is pretty good, although it lacks punctuation, and may have results comic to the mixing of multiple languages.

    Tradc The transcription is good, although it lacks of punctuation

    Speaking of languages, another advantage of Voicepop is that you can easily change the language of the voice note, in addition to that you displayed in the same window the probability of success in the transcription, so that you know if you owe it legit or is it better to listen to the audio, just in case.

    Unlike other applications that lack native interface, performing on Open in Voicepop (or by opening it from the app drawer), you have an interface of its own. In it are collected all the messages that you have transcribed, including the text of the transcript and the audio. It is an interesting way to have all voice notes are organized and to hand, with the added element that allows you to listen to them faster.


    to listen To the voice messages at a higher speed, you must tap in the 1.0 x. The available options are 1.2 x, 1.5 x and 2.0 x (at double speed). If for some reason you wanted to listen to a voice message more slow, it is not possible for the moment with Voicepop.

    Voicepop - Transcribe voice messages to text

    Voicepop – Transcribe voice messages to text

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    The news Converts the voice notes in WhatsApp on text easily with Voicepop was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    Makes voice notes of WhatsApp on text easily with Voicepop
    July 24, 2019

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