Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics explains the design of Captain America

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    The studio has decided to adapt the classic look of the superhero from Marvel to the present day, with changes in the costume, helmet and the star of the shield.

    Square Enix has recently shown a short video of Marvel’s Avengers dedicated to Captain America in which you could see her appearance and some of his moves. The official account of the game on Twitter has expanded details about its design and the explanation behind the changes.

    “In general, our designs are a contemporary interpretation of the Marvel heroes“, says the creative director, which seeks to give credibility to the clothing and equipment of the characters. “In our world, Tony Stark tends to lend a hand to the final touches of each suit”.

    The costume of captain is based on the computer modern combat, and balances classic elements such as the stars and stripes with new military elements that update the design of Jack Kirby.

    “The hull is constructed of a strong material and the design of the wings follow the shape of the hull” -similar to the one seen in the film – instead of excel as in classic look.

    Finally the shield presents the central star to a size larger than usual “based on the story of Marvel’s Avengers. With the expansion of the Avengers West Coast -of the united States – and beyond, the crest of the Captain represents his new role. The design has been modified with a star that reaches farther, outside the circle blue”.

    Marvel’s Avengers, whose development is the joint work between Square Enix, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, will be available may 15 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To know more details about the game, we invite you to read our impressions in the following link.

    Marvel's Avengers: Crystal Dynamics explains the design of Captain America

    Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics explains the design of Captain America
    September 3, 2019

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