Michelin will use telemetry to enhance your tires in an innovative project

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  • Michelin used telemetry to enhance your tires in an innovative project

    Michelin recently launched a very interesting project that will use 3,000 drivers in Europe to discuss their movements and needs in order to improve their tires. This project will last three years and use the telemetry as its centerpiece.

    The only way to improve an excellent product is know closely the use made of it and honest opinions from customers. Michelin wanted to convey this idea in his new program to develop new tires to grab improve the current offering new solutions to users. This project is called Michelin Road Usage Lab and is one of the most ambitious that are planned for the coming years.

    3,000 drivers were selected at random in different parts of Europe such as Spain, France, Italy, UK and Germany. These 3,000 people, the manufacturer has installed them A device attached to your vehicle’s OBD port , which will collect all possible information on this and on how to drive. These are both selected 3,000 young drivers, and professional individuals or even very experienced drivers.

    This device has a SIM card and data connection from the producer ensure that the information submitted is fully anonymously.

    The information collected (acceleration, distance traveled, type of drive, braking, speed, road conditions, temperature, tire condition …) is sent to time real centers spread across Europe owned by the manufacturer.


    During these three years, Michelin regularly publish numerous studies habits of drivers at the wheel and how other variables can affect driving. That is, how tires in poor condition can be determining factors to avoid an accident, or how the state of the road or vehicle must always optimal.

    This is the first time a manufacturer is armed telemetry and risks in relying on the experience of 3,000 drivers to not only generate reports, but develop new tires (most efficient, emit less noise and last longer) that can meet . with the needs of almost all types of drivers


    Michelin will use telemetry to enhance your tires in an innovative project
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    February 9, 2015

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