Microsoft will be the ‘Game Mode’ to Windows 10

Will seek to offer a better performance of the system by giving priority to the games.

Microsoft would be working on offering a new feature called ‘Game Mode’, Windows 10 that will allow other processes and resources are reduced to a minimum when you’re playing in order to offer the best experience.

The user WalkingCat would have been responsible for the discovery, and although the feature is not accessible nor functional, yes I would be already integrated in the latest version build for developers.

It is unknown if the feature will be limited to only games from the Windows Store

it is Still unknown if the ‘Game Mode’ will work with titles in Win32 from Steam or Origin, or whether it will be limited to the Windows Store. In any case, how to stand out from Windows Central, this is a new and serious step into the world of video games in PC by Microsoft.

Microsoft will take the 'Game Mode' to Windows 10

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Microsoft will be the ‘Game Mode’ to Windows 10
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