Mode driving in the Wizard of Google might be activated by NFC

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    mode driving of the Wizard of Google might enable NFC

    One of the new features of the Wizard of Google, who were presented the past month of may in the I/O 2019 could be released this autumn on the Made by Google along with the new Pixel 4. It is the successor of Android Auto for mobile.

    The mode driving of the Wizard of Google we provide an interface adapted to be used in the car displaying the most used, notifications, navigation, calls and messages along with voice commands to use the device hands-free.

    With support for NFC tags

    The Wizard of Google will be able to activate driving mode automatically when you connect to the Bluetooth in our car, or when you can activate with a voice command, but it seems that there will be a third way to activate this mode.

    In the source code of the application, Google has discovered references to the support of NFC tags. Everything points to sticking an NFC tag to the holder of the car of our mobile will be activated automatically mode driving of the Wizard of Google.

    The NFC tag is the best way to activate the mode driving, since that does not depend on the Bluetooth of the car or a voice command. It is expected that this mode comes together with the Pixel 4.

    Via | XDA-Developers

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    The news mode, driving of the Wizard of Google might enable NFC was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

    Xataka Android

    Mode driving in the Wizard of Google might be activated by NFC
    October 2, 2019

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