My Month Calendar Widget: A colorful and very effective calendar widget

If you take all your appointments, events, birthdays, etc. neatly organized into Google Calendar and sync on all your devices know the tremendous usefulness keep a widget on the desktop of your Android to get a quick overview of the agenda and the events that await us in the coming weeks. For this purpose, my opinion is that the default Android widget leaves much to be desired, and only shows the events in list mode, so here I present a very practical alternative and pleasing to the eye.

is My Month Calendar Widget , a simple and nice widget monthly view calendar that has up six color themes different in their free version and a single setting (choose the first day of the week) have it ready to add to the desktop.

 My Widget1 Month Calendar

Once added, see the current month and the days in which we have an appointment will be underlined. We can interact with the widget, changing the month by pressing the arrow side or directly on the name.

If you want more customization , also available with the full version a cost of € 1.49 , with which you can create and save your own themes, choosing from 32 different sources, different edges and an infinite range of colors you can apply to the various elements the widget.

Google Application Play

Application on Google Play

A very colorful and resizable widget that will allow us to quickly see all events on our agenda without major complications.

 My Month Calendar Widget2

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My Month Calendar Widget: A colorful and very effective calendar widget

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