N Launcher brings you a clone of Android launcher N to any Android

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    Each time a new version of Android comes a whole series of applications that copy developments in more or less appear: funds screen, icons, widgets and, of course, pitchers. Android N is no exception, as you will discover if you do a quick search on Google Play.

    The developer Alphadroid seems to have found a vein with it. He is the creator of MM Launcher (a clone launcher launcher Marshmallow) and S7 Launcher (clone launcher Galaxy S7). Now brings us N Launcher the foreseeable Android launcher clone N Preview


    are you sure seems

    After testing N launcher truth is that it is a launcher enough? capable . No it looks bad and it has a lot of customization options, although it seems to me more like Nova Launcher that Android N . The options screen has almost the exact same sections.

     Nova Launcher Y Nova Launcher (left .) and N launcher (der.)

    in any case, if you want to try a pitcher presumably similar to Android N , you can get completely free. However, some more advanced customization options require you to buy the paid version, valued at 3.85 euros.

    Note that although it has a good look and many customization options, it also comes with other typical third party launchers you might not like them as much as permanent notifications bar (thankfully, can be turned off), or use the search bar instead of Google V9.com functions. Use at your own risk.

    Via | PhoneArena
    In Engadget Android | La Nova Launcher latest beta includes a night mode and search bars

    The news N Launcher brings you a clone launcher any Android Android N was originally published in Engadget Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    N Launcher brings you a clone of Android launcher N to any Android
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    April 9, 2016

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