NASA will be a real test of defense with an asteroid that will rub the Ground on the 12th of October

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    Asteroid 2012 TC4

    The Office co-Ordination of the Planetary Defense of the NASA will perform for the first time a test with an asteroid real on the 12th of October, according to the University of Arizona (UA), a participant in the project.

    it Is to test the network of observatories and scientists working on the project of planetary defense in all over the world to determine if the world is ready to detect a threat cosmic.

    The asteroid that will be used for the test will be known scientifically as “2012 TC4”, which is closer to the earth, to not more than 6,800 kilometers, the 12th of October, and does not represent any threat to the planet.

    NASA has carried out preparedness exercises possible impacts of asteroids to the earth, but never until now with very real asteroids.

    Vishnu Reddy, a professor of planetary sciences Laboratory Lunar and Planetary of the AU, proposed a more realistic scenario using the “2012 TC4” and his idea was accepted.

    the test is intended to answer the question “how well are we prepared for the next threat cosmic?,” said Reddy in the same press release.

    the aim of The exercise will retrieve, track, and characterize the “2012 TC4” as an object of potential impact in order to activate the system from observations, model, prediction, and communication.

    The asteroid measured between 9,15 and 30.5 meters long, about the same size as the asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk (Russia) on February 15, 2013. On that occasion, the event that caused nearly 1,500 injuries because most of the glass breakage of windows. Came to recover a fragment of 650 kilos of weight of the meteorite, in addition of about 5,000 more pounds of material into smaller fragments.

    “This is a team effort that involving more than a dozen observatories, laboratories and universities around the world so that we learn collectively the strengths and limitations of our capabilities for planetary defense,” said Reddy.


    NASA will be a real test of defense with an asteroid that will rub the Ground on the 12th of October
    August 2, 2017

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